Acland Stage 3 Coal Expansion

The Queensland Land Court has recommended against approval of the Acland Stage 3 coal mine expansion on the Darling Downs of Queensland- one of Queensland's most productive farming regions.

Final decisions are now required by the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines (for the mining licence) and the Department of Environment and Science (for the environmental authority).  In the past, they have always followed the recommendation of the Land Court when it recommended approval.

While minister Lynham has delayed his decision the Environment Department is bound by legislation to make a decision by next Wednesday the 14th February!

Will you call the department today to ensure they make the right decision and reject the environmental authority for the mine?

  1. Call 1300 130 372 and choose option 4 ("licences and permits").
  2. Ask to speak to the person making the decision on Acland Stage 3 Expansion
  3. Ask for you name and contact details to be recorded and that you urge the department to follow the land court recommendation to reject the mine.
  4. Tell them ignoring the Land Court decision would completely undermine the rule of law in Queensland and make a laughing stock of the Land Court.
  5. Leave a comment below to tell us how it went

The legal case against the Acland Stage 3 coal mine was one of the largest environmental cases in Australian history.

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Water Security at Risk

Should we really be putting the water security of Australia’s biggest city in jeopardy for a few coal mines?

The NSW Government is making a new planning regulation for Sydney’s drinking water catchment. It’s missing something big: protection from mining.


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Object to Maules Creek coal mine Modification 4

WHC-dust-maules-creek.jpgPlease help the local community by making a submission against a modification of the Maules Creek coal mine approval that would remove a condition relating to noise controls.

The mine has breached its conditions of approval numerous times and been given too many chances and excuses by Government agencies. The local community are now experiencing noise impacts that are ruining their lives.

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Springvale Call to Action

springvale.jpgWe need the Premier to let the Land and Environment Court do its job when it comes to the Springvale coal mine and the protection of Sydney’s drinking water catchment.

In August, the NSW Court of Appeal ruled that the Springvale coal mine needed to comply with the requirement that all developments in Sydney’s drinking water catchment ensure they have a “neutral or beneficial effect” on the quality of the water in our pristine catchment.

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Protect Our Drinking Water: Object to the Hume Coal Mine

Hume-coal2.jpgThe bright future of the Southern Highlands is under threat from a new coal mine proposal that nobody wants and which puts the region’s precious water resources at risk.

Not only is the Southern Highlands a beautiful farming region, it forms part of Sydney’s drinking water catchment, and any new coal mines pose a threat to clean abundant water.

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Adani Mine Impacts


Adani's proposed Carmichael mega-mine in central Queensland will have a disturbance footprint of 28,000 hectares, which is an area greater in size than North Stradbroke Island.

The mine will permanently alter the landscape, leaving behind extensive waste dumps that are at risk of failing in the long term, alongside final voids that are predicted to drain adjoining groundwater permanently.

Adani predicts that there will be a loss of landscape functionality and land use utility across all land classes after mining.

At least 88km of watercourses will be diverted for the mine and there will be no attempt made to restore them after the project ends.

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Save Wollar from Wilpinjong coal mine


The close-knit community of Wollar in the upper Hunter Valley has already endured a decade of suffering from the nearby Wilpinjong coal mine. Now the mine owners want to expand the project to within 1.5km of the village, spelling the end for Wollar.

Even the NSW Government admits that approving the Wilpinjong mine expansion would kill off Wollar for ever. Sadly, it seems they don't care, with the NSW Planning Department recommending the mine be approved.

Please stand with the people of Wollar as they fight to save their community from coal mining.


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Defend Our Common Home

common_home_ad.jpgOver 7,000 people have endorsed our open letter to the Premier calling on him to protect New South Wales people and places from rampant coal mining. 

Now we need to step up our effort to make him act. 

We've placed an ad in his local paper, and are asking all of you to give him a call and ask him to act to relieve the suffering of people affected by coal mining in regional New South Wales.

Will you make the call?   

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