Gasfield Free NSW


There is an extraordinary political consensus growing against unsafe CSG in NSW. A Bill has been introduced into the upper house of the NSW Parliament to make the Northern Rivers gasfield free, protect the Pilliga from CSG and create a moratorium on unconventional gas across New South Wales.

One year on from the release of the NSW Chief Scientist's final report, Lock the Gate has produced a report card on the status of NSW Government policy on CSG. Our report card shows that the Government is falling short on the four big issues of concern to communities: water, health, protection of farmland, and landholder and community rights. 

Closer analysis indicates that the Government has failed to deliver on 8 of the 15 recommendations by the Chief Scientist, and only delivered partially on the remaining 7 recommendations.  

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Defend Our Common Home

filmliverpoolplainsthumb.jpgJoin bishops, wine-makers, and livestock producers calling for the protection of our common home from coal mining.

The approval of the Shenhua Watermark coal mine on the Liverpool Plains was the last straw for many people. How could three giant open-cut coal pits be approved on some of the best food-producing land in Australia? 

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Switch your power away from CSG

Right now in Australia, power companies such as AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia are all investing their money in CSG mining. However, you don’t have to get your power from these suppliers! Energy provider Powershop provides a low cost alternative to pro-Coal Seam Gas (CSG) retailers.

Switching to Powershop will mean supporting a company who only invests in renewable energy sources. Switch your power provider today and say NO to coal seam gas!

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Stand with Micklo to Oppose Fracking

The Kimberley region has been identified as one of the most prospective regions in the world for shale and tight gas production. Buru Energy have plans to frack for tight gas at Yulleroo, 70 kilometres east of Broome, in the Kimberley this year.

Micklo Corpus, a Broome community member & Yawuru Traditional Owner, has taken a determined stand against Buru's fracking plans. He's been camped outside Buru's frack site at Yulleroo, for the last 10 months.

So far, Micklo has kept Buru Energy at bay. But now the Department of Lands is trying to evict Micklo from his camp. Will you stand with Micklo?

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Dont frack the Territory

With more than 90% of the Territory covered by gas licenses and applications and the Government actively promoting the shale gas industry, the NT is under serious threat from fracking.

Join us in calling on the NT government to implement proper protections for the the unique environments and diverse communities of the Northern Territory by signing the Frack Free NT petition.

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Coal Seam Gas Will Cost YOU More

The coal seam gas (CSG) export industry in Australia is causing gas prices to rise. The construction of three CSG export plants in Queensland will allow CSG miners to export their gas and obtain much higher prices paid by the world market[1].

This means domestic prices will rise to match the world price[2]. The increase in your gas bill in 2015 as a result of CSG exports will be up up to $162 per year for a household and $625 per year for a small business[3]. Further increases are likely beyond 2016. 

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Unfair Shares

How coal mines bought the Hunter River

A 2014 report commissioned by Lock the Gate Alliance has revealed the scale of water consumption by coal mines in the Hunter region and the extensive damage being done to both surface and groundwater in the region by expanded open cut coal mining.

The report 'Unfair Shares' highlights the vast quantities of water that are now owned by coal mines which are also pushing agricultural industries out of rich farmland. 


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Carving up food lands for coal transport in Central Queensland.

In March 2014, Lock the Gate Alliance released a new report that reveals a Queensland Government proposal to declare a State Development Area (GBSDA) across 2 million hectares in Central Queensland, to facilitate coal rail developments, would lead to major flooding and significant loss of food-producing land.

The declaration of a State Development area will mean that the Queensland Coordinator General can compulsorily acquire any farmers land, against their wishes, across 2 million hectares of land. 

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Draining the Lifeblood

Groundwater impacts of coal mining in the Galilee Basin

The Draining the Lifeblood report [PDF 4MB], and updated estimates of cumulative water impacts, raise alarm bells about the potentially devastating impacts on groundwater resources from 9 proposed new 'mega' coal mines in the Galilee Basin, Central Queensland.  This report is the first to attempt an assessment of the likely cumulative impacts of all 9 mine proposals.

The report was released in September 2013 and new estimates of groundwater impacts have since been provided to the regulator. 

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Call to Country

In March 2013 we launched our Call to Country. It's a call from the heart of this country, and the people who love it, to demand real action to restrict inappropriate coal and gas mining.

As of early 2013, our mapping showed that 437 million hectares of our land is covered by coal and gas licences or applications. That's more than half of Australia and an area 18 times the size of Great Britain. Even our greatest international tourist icons are not safe, with at least 11 of our 16 National Landscapes at threat.


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