Object to the Wilpinjong coal mine extension

In 2006, the NSW Government approved the Wilpinjong coal mine in the upper reaches of the Hunter River catchment. Residents of the nearby community of Wollar were told that the mine would be the best thing that ever happened to them. It wasn't.

Fast forward ten years and the once vibrant community of Wollar has been decimated. Many people have been forced to leave, unable to continue living next to one of the biggest open cut coal mines in NSW. Now, the mine's owners, Peabody Energy, want to expand the mine further towards the village, increasing their available coal by 95 million tonnes, extending the life of the mine, and in the process: driving Wollar to extinction.

Even the NSW Planning Department admits this project will kill Wollar (they just don't care). The Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, has ignored the requests of the community and sent the mine to a Public Hearing, which will extinguish the public's legal right to appeal any subsequent mine approval in court.

Well, we're boycotting the Public Hearing (join us! We're protesting instead), but we still want to make sure the NSW Planning Assessment Commission gets plenty of public submissions against this project.

Please use our simple guide below to lodge your objection. Submissions close at 5pm on 5th December 2016.

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Act Now to Protect Groundwater

Peak_Downs_Saraji.JPGWe have a crucial opportunity this month to stand up for our precious underground water supplies. Action is needed by the 7th October.

The Queensland Government has introduced a new Bill into Parliament that will result in improved protections for our groundwater resources from mining when compared to laws introduced by the Newman Government - the Environment Protection (Underground Water Management) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (EPOLA). 

The Agriculture and Environment Committee is currently considering the Bill.  Please make a submission using the template below as a guide by 7th October 2016.  Email your submission to aec@parliament.qld.gov.au.

The future of our water resources may depend on it.

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Rocky Hill horror mine back to haunt Gloucester

Glocester.jpgThe community of Gloucester fought for many years to see off the threat of a coal seam gasfield next to their town. Their victory was an inspiration to others around the world.

But Gloucester's brave protectors barely had time to celebrate before a new threat (re)emerged. The Rocky Hill Project is a proposed 3-pit open cut coal mine just spitting-distance from residential areas of Gloucester. It threatens the health of local residents, and Gloucester's $50 million tourism industry.

A revised mine plan for Rocky Hill is now on public exhibition until 14th October. Do you have five minutes to join Gloucester residents and lodge a submission against the proposed mine?

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Save Tarwyn Park


Stand with the Andrews Family to Save 'Tarwyn Park'

 The Andrews family are graziers, horse-breeders and environmental trailblazers, who invented a system of repairing degraded landscapes known as ‘Natural Sequence Farming’.

 But now Korean coal company KEPCO has purchased the iconic property “Tarwyn Park” in the Bylong Valley of NSW where they pioneered their extraordinary work on sustainable agriculture, and this magnificent property is destined to be ruined by an enormous open-cut and underground coal mine.

Peter Andrews has this week returned to the property with 20 horses to squat on it in protest at the loss of the incredible heritage and scientific values of the site.

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Make Victoria Gasfield Free

nb2.jpgThe Victorian Premier will make a decision this week about the future of risky gas drilling in Victoria. Half of the members of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the matter recommended a permanent gas ban.


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Minister Stokes: give us back our legal rights

nb.jpgThe community of Bulga has been done-over by an unfair system. Let's tell NSW Mining Minister Rob Stokes to fix it up. 

The community of Bulga in the NSW Hunter Valley has fought for over six years to protect their village from the Warkworth coal mine. They won two court cases against the project, only to have their victories cruelly snatched away by an unfair and unjust NSW mine assessment system which is designed for just one thing: approving coal mines.

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No more abandoned mines

Mine-small.jpgCurrently there are some 50,000 abandoned mines across the country. The companies have simply walked away and left the sites un-rehabilitated. Some of the mines that have been abandoned are huge and the cost of repairing the land and water resources will run into billions of dollars.

Currently the NSW and Queensland Governments are approving the most enormous coal mines Australia has ever seen. The incredible scale of those mega-mines requires tougher rehabilitation requirements to ensure the Australian public isn’t left with the damage. When mining companies are granted permission to mine, they are also supposed to repair the damage from mining. However away from public scrutiny the regulators have allowed the industry to get away with second rate mine rehabilitation which has permanently scarred our landscape.

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Water-small3.jpgOn the driest inhabited continent on earth, where people and landscapes depend on vulnerable water resources, Australia needs laws that protect our water from coal and unconventional gas mining.

In the lead-up to the Federal election, will you join us in putting water on the national agenda? Will you be part of our #Water4Life16 campaign?




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Freeloaders: air and water pollution from NSW coal mines


Lock the Gate Alliance has released a report which calculates that NSW taxpayers are losing out on $14M each year because the coal mining industry is allowed to pollute for free.

The report – titled ‘Freeloaders: Air and Water Pollution from Coal Mines in NSW’ - is the first ever to compare the total pollution discharged by coal miners for free with the costs borne by other industries who are forced to pay under the NSW load-based licensing scheme.


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John Fenton 'Warning from Wyoming' 2016 Tour

johnfentoncampaignpage2.jpgSpecial Event: Come and hear John Fenton, a cattle rancher from the USA, tell his story of how fracking for gas polluted water and ruined lives in his home town of Pavillion, Wyoming.

Public meetings will be held in Qld, Northern Territory and Western Australia. You can RSVP for events below.

'Fracking is not just about the environment or water, it’s human rights. When you take a rural or a remote area and you industrialise it for fracking, it impacts every portion of your life. People pay the ultimate price.’   John Fenton, rancher from Wyoming USA, 2014.


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