#Time2Choose: Clean Food, Clean Air, Clean Energy

Time-to-choose.jpgIn NSW, our politicians have failed us. Our democracy has been degraded by big money and mining influence and our future is being sacrificed for short term political gain.

Our land, our water and our health has been damaged by coal and gas mining; sold off for ten pieces of silver.  Many of our townships ruined. 

Now it’s time to carve out our own positive future.  Our time to choose.

Join us to choose a new direction. A future of vibrant communities and diverse economies with jobs in agriculture, clean energy and knowledge and service industries.

Get involved in the new campaign to choose one state united across city and country, founded on clean food and water and a safe climate.

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Protect Our Drinking Water: Object to the Hume Coal Mine

Hume-coal2.jpgThe bright future of the Southern Highlands is under threat from a new coal mine proposal that nobody wants and which puts the region’s precious water resources at risk.

Not only is the Southern Highlands a beautiful farming region, it forms part of Sydney’s drinking water catchment, and any new coal mines pose a threat to clean abundant water.

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Report: Methane Emissions in QLD CSG fields.

vent.jpgThe main chemical component of coal seam gas (CSG) is methane. Methane is also a powerful greenhouse gas. As a chemical, methane is odourless, colourless, and invisible to the naked eye. These characteristics mean that methane released during industry gasfield operations can be readily overlooked, ignored, or hidden.

This report describes video recording methane emissions in the Queensland CSG fields using a FLIR GF-­‐320 infrared video camera. Download the Report Here.

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The Adani Legacy


New analysis by Lock the Gate Alliance released today estimates that it would cost at least $1.5 billion to rehabilitate the Adani Carmichael coal mine in Central Queensland. Download the report here.

The Alliance has called for the bond to be paid upfront, to prevent Australian taxpayers bearing all the risks, because Adani Mining is in a parlous financial position and is only solvent due to support from its parent company in India

Read our earlier report which shows that the proposed rehabilitation of the Adani Carmichael coal mine will fail even mining industry standards.  The mine will leave 3,346 hectares (an area almost 30 times the size of the Brisbane CBD) as final voids - holes that will never be filled and will remain un-rehabilitated.

Download our report - Future Hazards: Will the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine Meet Mining Industry Rehabilitation Standards?

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CSG - Narrabri Gas Project

EIS-campaign-image.jpgThe Narrabri Gas Project is the largest development ever proposed under the modern planning system, and four times the size of the only other two CSG projects assessed and approved in NSW.

Santos proposes up to 850 wells on 425 well pads over 95,000 hectares. This is more than four times the size of either of the previously approved CSG projects in NSW. 

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Protect the Fraser Coast

mine-location3.jpgQueenland's incredible Fraser Coast is famous for it's amazing beaches, Fraser Island, pristine waterways, farmlands and cultural heritage.

Now wide areas surrounding Australia's favourite Island are at risk from unconventional gasfield exploration licenses and the Colton coal mine.

We need to stop gasfields and the Colton coal mine risking our land and water before it's too late!

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Save Wollar from Wilpinjong coal mine


The close-knit community of Wollar in the upper Hunter Valley has already endured a decade of suffering from the nearby Wilpinjong coal mine. Now the mine owners want to expand the project to within 1.5km of the village, spelling the end for Wollar.

Even the NSW Government admits that approving the Wilpinjong mine expansion would kill off Wollar for ever. Sadly, it seems they don't care, with the NSW Planning Department recommending the mine be approved.

Please stand with the people of Wollar as they fight to save their community from coal mining.


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Switch your power away from CSG and fracking

Right now in Australia, power companies such as AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia are all investing their money in CSG mining and unconventional gas fracking. However, you don’t have to get your power from these suppliers! There are other energy retailers who provide low cost alternatives and are stronger supporters of renewable energy. Switching to one of these will mean you're  supporting a company who invests in renewable energy sources. 

For a full rundown on the environmental performance of electricity retailers selling electricity to Australian households check out the Green Electricity Guide.

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Minings Toxic Legacy


Make a short submission to the Federal Inquiry into the failures of mine rehabilitation in Australia.

The Senate Environment and Communications Committee is conducting an Inquiry into the Rehabilitation of Mining and Resource Projects.

This is an important opportunity to expose the damage that has been caused by big mining in Australia.

The legacy they have left us is toxic waste, polluted waterways and ruined landscapes.

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Freeloaders: air and water pollution from NSW coal mines


Lock the Gate Alliance has released a report which calculates that NSW taxpayers are losing out on $14M each year because the coal mining industry is allowed to pollute for free.

The report – titled ‘Freeloaders: Air and Water Pollution from Coal Mines in NSW’ - is the first ever to compare the total pollution discharged by coal miners for free with the costs borne by other industries who are forced to pay under the NSW load-based licensing scheme.


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