NSW CSG - Narrabri Gas Project

Published: March 07, 2017

EIS-campaign-image.jpgThe Narrabri Gas Project is the largest development ever proposed under the modern planning system, and four times the size of the only other two CSG projects assessed and approved in NSW.

Santos proposes up to 850 wells on 425 well pads over 95,000 hectares. This is more than four times the size of either of the previously approved CSG projects in NSW. 

The proposal includes a gas processing facility for compression dehydration and treatment of gas, a water management facility for storage and treatment of produced water and brine, possible additional power generation on site, continual flaring (burning off of gas) at two locations, an infrastructure corridor through the forest between Leewood and Bibblewindi, expansion of worker accommodation, discharge of waste water into Bohena Creek, irrigation with treated water and landfill burial of tens of thousands of tonnes of salt. It’s huge.

Santos says construction is expected to start in early 2018, with first gas scheduled for 2019/20, but also make clear it has not decided to go ahead with the project at all. If it goes ahead, it will continue for at least 20 years.



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