Gas power stations will do little to reduce state’s greenhouse gas emissions

Published: October 26, 2011

Today's decision by TRUenergy to invest in the building of two gas-fired power stations in Queensland will do very little to reduce Queensland's soaring greenhouse gas emissions.

Lock the Gate Alliance president Drew Hutton said the evidence was mounting that coal seam gas has a carbon footprint that perhaps equals coal.

"Research done in both the US and Australia indicates that, when you go beyond just burning the gas in a power station and factor in as well, the energy requirements for producing the gas, the tree clearing involved and the fugitive emissions at all stages of the production process, coal seam gas produces an awful lot of carbon dioxide," Mr Hutton said.

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Murray Darling Basin Authority to open floodgates for mining

Published: October 19, 2011

The Lock The Gate Alliance claims that the Murray Darling Basin will be another casualty as Precautionary Principle is thrown to the wind in the resources boom.

Lock the Gate President, Drew Hutton says pressure from States addicted to mining royalties is most likely to be behind the MDBA's plan to allow massive increases in groundwater use in the forth-coming Murray Darling Basin Plan.

The MDBA's current thinking on sustainable diversion limits for groundwater in the proposed Basin Plan are almost 2,000GL greater than those stated in last year's Guide to the Basin Plan.

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Coal seam gas is very similar to shale gas – despite industry claims

Published: September 21, 2011

The president of the Lock the Gate Alliance, Drew Hutton, today apologised for accidentally using the wrong terminology in the Alliance's submissions to the NSW upper house inquiry and the federal Senate inquiry into coal seam gas but re-affirmed his belief that the coal seam gas industry was deliberately misleading the public by claiming shale gas has nothing to do with coal seam gas.

"The Lock the Gate submission used 'coal seam gas' instead of the wider term 'unconventional gas' but there is not a world of difference between the two types, as the industry claims," Mr Hutton said.

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Complaint lodged against phoney Coal Seam Gas advertising campaign

Published: September 16, 2011

Arguments that coal seam gas mining can't co-exist with agriculture and that it represents a grave threat to the future of rural Australia are at the heart of a complaint lodged today by Lock The Gate.

The Alliance has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Bureau against the coal seam gas industry advertising campaign 'We Want CSG'.

"We have taken the step this week of lodging a complaint against the coal seam gas advertisements from the gas industry because we don't want to see the community hoodwinked by phoney claims" said Drew Hutton, President of Lock The Gate Alliance.

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Lock the Gate president warns against CSG regulator confusing industry enforcement with facilitation

Published: September 15, 2011

The main organisation campaigning for protection of rural Queensland from the potential impacts of coal seam gas mining has warned the Queensland government its unit enforcing regulation of the newly-emerging coal seam gas industry risks confusing its enforcement role with an industry facilitation one.

The head of Queensland's LNG enforcement Unit, Andrew Brier, talked on ABC radio this morning of the need to "quash the noise" being made by the Lock the Gate Alliance, saying it was drowning out the valid voices of landowners who were happy with the coal seam gas industry.

Brier also praised the coal seam gas industry for its current pro-CSG advertising campaign.

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