Out of touch spray at odds with community’s valid fracking concerns

Published: February 03, 2018

In response to the opinion piece by  Sky News’ Matt Cunningham in today’s Northern Territory News, Lock the Gate’s Naomi Hogan says:

“Criticising people who are asking the hard questions is not going to improve the fracking industry’s tattered reputation for callous disregard of community concerns.

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Mining company keeps Gloucester in anxious uncertainty with appeal launch

Published: February 02, 2018

Lock the Gate Alliance has condemned mining company Gloucester Resources for launching a court challenge to the Government’s refusal of the Rocky Hill open cut coal mine. Lock the Gate says the Department of Planning deliberately left the door open to the company for appeals that are routinely denied to the community.

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Drinking water must come before coal mining in NSW Government’s catchment policy

Published: February 02, 2018

The NSW Government is compromising Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast’s drinking water, says the Lock the Gate Alliance submission to the NSW Government drinking water catchment review, released today.

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Linc Energy in historic trial

Published: January 30, 2018

Lock the Gate Alliance welcomes the trial by jury that has now commenced into Linc Energy, calling it a wake up call and a warning for the rest of Australia in the face of underground coal gasification proposals.

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Tensions Erupt in Kingaroy Farming District at Coal Exploration Site

Published: January 22, 2018

Kingaroy police have been consulted about an incident that occurred outside the boundary of a Moreton Resources’ Kingaroy Coal Project site last week.

Local resident John Dalton was taking a photograph of the drilling operation from a nearby road when approached by a contractor who told him several times that his camera would be taken and smashed.

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