Lock the Gate Movement- Our Stories

Lock the Gate has produced a series of videos that tell the stories of people whose lives are impacted by coal seam gas. Voices from the Gaslands is a series of short videos of people whose lives and businesses have been damaged by the coal seam gas industry in Queensland. The videos showcase the harrowing stories of individuals who have suffered a range of impacts from health effects, stress and depression, to loss of frarm production and water bores that are drying up.

Gas companies have spent millions of dollars to perpetrate a myth that landholders in Qld are living happily with gas - but watch 'Voices' and you'll see that nothing could be further from the truth.

Voices from Gloucester is also series of short videos of people. Their lives and businesses are threatened by coal and coal seam gas development in Gloucester, NSW.

These videos tell stories of a community who have until now led enjoyable and fulfilling lives in Gloucester. But now AGL has started moving into the area and has started fracking. Adding to their plight is the fact that there are many large coal mines being planned. All of these developments are taking place on prime agricultural land, some of them very close to where people live and work.


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