Protect Our Water

Published: July 27, 2016


The Qld ALP Government plans to go ahead with Newman era law changes that will give mining companies a legal right to the unlimited take of associated groundwater.

As a Queenslander, who has to go through quite a process to access water, you might well ask – how can I get the same sweet deal?

That’s a very good question.  So, we’ve set up a simple platform to enable you to ask it. 

Will you can send a short complaint direct to the Qld Premier, the Minister for Water and the Department, asking why mining giants are getting a special deal on water?

It will only take 1 minute of your time. Use our simple Email Creator Here

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  • commented 2016-08-06 09:27:46 +1000
    This is typical of all governments who disregard the valid concerns of the people they are supposed to represent. Let’s face facts, governments are about power, money, egos. They are short term thinkers as most politicians fade into obscurity receiving obscene payouts and ongoing benefits at the tax payers expense. Their support of the rape and pillage of Australia will continue until there is nothing of consequence to sell. Sadly we are all guilty of wanting more, more of life’s comforts, more money, more freedom, and the list goes on. We are all paying for the demands on the nation. Everyone wants the best they can get out of life, some want lavish life styles, someone has to pay and the environment is always the one to suffer. I don’t agree with selling off Australia and depleting the nations resources but until we find better sustainable ways of managing the population of this planet it will continue. Australia Wake Up!


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