Adani Mine Impacts

Published: May 14, 2017


Adani's proposed Carmichael mega-mine in central Queensland will have a disturbance footprint of 28,000 hectares, which is an area greater in size than North Stradbroke Island.

The mine will permanently alter the landscape, leaving behind extensive waste dumps that are at risk of failing in the long term, alongside final voids that are predicted to drain adjoining groundwater permanently.

Adani predicts that there will be a loss of landscape functionality and land use utility across all land classes after mining.

At least 88km of watercourses will be diverted for the mine and there will be no attempt made to restore them after the project ends.

Tell the Queensland Government: Don't put our groundwater at risk! Sign the petition here.

Groundwater Impacts:

The Carmichael coal mine Supplementary EIS estimates groundwater take of 26ML/day in year 2029, which equates to UP TO 9.5GL/year.

The current groundwater licence for the mine is inadequate because:

  • It does not contain a limit on the volume of groundwater that can be extracted - ie it is unlimited. 
  • It extends until 2077 and does not include any independent review process at any stage, and does not stipulate a mechanism to stop the mine if the impacts are found to be too severe


Royalties Deals:

The Queensland Premier has signed a secretive royalties deal with Adani which looks set to hand them hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds as a 'loan' for the first 5 years of their mine in Central Queensland.

Send an email now to the Queensland Premier and tell her you won't accept any special deals for Adani.


Mining legacy & rehabilitation costs:

Analysis by Lock the Gate Alliance estimates that it would cost at least $1.5 billion to rehabilitate the Adani Carmichael coal mine in Central Queensland. Download the report here.

The Alliance has called for the bond to be paid upfront, to prevent Australian taxpayers bearing all the risks, because Adani Mining is in a parlous financial position and is only solvent due to support from its parent company in India.

Sign our petition calling on the Queensland Government to make coal giants pay for mine clean up.

Read our earlier report which shows that the proposed rehabilitation of the Adani Carmichael coal mine will fail even mining industry standards.  The mine will leave 3,346 hectares (an area almost 30 times the size of the Brisbane CBD) as final voids - holes that will never be filled and will remain un-rehabilitated.

Download our report - Future Hazards: Will the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine Meet Mining Industry Rehabilitation Standards?



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