NSW it's #Time2Choose clean air, water and energy

Published: June 20, 2017

New South Wales is blessed with rich fertile farmland, clean fresh water and beautiful rural landscapes. But all of that is at risk if we don't choose to safeguard it.

Our land, our water and our health has been damaged by coal and gas mining, rural villages torn apart and democracy compromised. 

With a state election due in March 2019, it’s time to carve out our own positive future. Our time to choose: clean food, clean air and clean energy!

NSW is at a crossroads and we have launched a major new campaign to show our political leaders that its time to choose at new direction. 

Join us to choose a new direction. A future of vibrant communities and diverse economies with jobs in agriculture, clean energy and knowledge and service industries.

Get involved in this new campaign to choose one state united across city and country, founded on clean food and water and a safe climate.

Join us to choose solutions.  A fair go.  Basic legal rights.

In the lead-up to the March 2019 NSW election we are taking it back to the people. It’s our #Time2Choose.

Be part of something bigger:

  • VOTE NOW IN THE REFERENDUM: Vote online now in our People’s Referendum on the future of NSW.  Download the ballot paper and order a free People’s Referendum stalls kit to get people voting in your local area.

                                                               Vote Now

  • JOIN US AT THE MASSIVE STATEWIDE RALLY: On 24 March 2018, people from around the state will converge on Sydney to make an unmistakable call to protect land, water and people from the impacts of coal and gas mining.





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