NSW - #Time2Choose

Published: June 20, 2017

In NSW, our politicians have failed us. Our democracy has been degraded by big money and mining influence and our future is being sacrificed for short term political gain.

Our land, our water and our health has been damaged by coal and gas mining; sold off for ten pieces of silver. Many of our townships ruined.

Now it’s time to carve out our own positive future. Our time to choose: Clean Food, Clean Air, Clean Energy!

Join us to choose a new direction. A future of vibrant communities and diverse economies with jobs in agriculture, clean energy and knowledge and service industries.

Get involved in the new campaign to choose one state united across city and country, founded on clean food and water and a safe climate.

Join us to choose solutions.  A fair go.  Basic legal rights.

Over the next 18 months in the lead-up to the next NSW election we are taking it back to the people.  It’s our #Time2Choose.

You can get involved now to:

  • Be part of our People’s Referendum on the future of NSW.  Vote yourself right now, or download voting forms and an information kit and get people voting in your local area.
  • Be part of one of our exciting citizens assemblies, where we build our own vision for the future of NSW, untainted by the mining and gas giants. Details will be coming soon.
  • Visit your local member of Parliament and let them know you choose clean food, clean air and clean energy.

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