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Are you having trouble viewing this video? Watch it on YouTube: Undermining Australia


Are you having trouble viewing these videos? Watch them on YouTube: Undermining AustraliaFractured Country

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We are very proud and excited to be launching our webisode series after the recent release of our two ground-breaking new films: Undermining Australia and Fractured Country.

The films expose the scary realities of invasive industrial gasfields and coalmines and the harm they cause to families, landscapes and communities.

Over the next two months, we'll be releasing a new 'webisode' every Monday, so that you can follow the amazing stories of courage and loss told firsthand by farming families as they face a rapacious and uncaring industry.

Feedback to the films from around the country has been fantastic and we are now thrilled to be able to share them in bite sized format with you. We would love to hear what you think so why not leave a comment or a message to those that featured in the films?

With your support we can defend the country that we love and everything that makes it unique.  Please make a donation today so that our voice becomes stronger, amplified by an ever greater number of people touched by these films.

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Are you having trouble viewing these videos? Watch them on YouTube: Lock the Gate on YouTube

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