Shove your process, we're gunna protest the Wilpinjong coal mine!

Protest the Wilpinjong coal mine expansion at simultaneous events in Sydney and Mudgee:

9:30am, Tuesday 29th November

MUDGEE: outside Mudgee Town Hall (Market St). Here's the Mudgee protest on facebook.

SYDNEY: Martin Place (between Phillip and Elizabeth). Here's the Sydney protest on facebook.

Also, we'd love it if you could take a few moments to lodge a formal objection to the Wilpinjong mine expansion.

Coming to Mudgee from out of town? It's worth the trip!
If you're coming up on Monday please join us at Wollar Memorial Hall from 5pm onwards. We'll put on a barbecue, and you can camp there outside the hall, or sleep inside (BYO bedding). After the protest the following morning you're invited on a tour of The Drip at 11:30am Tuesday, a spectacular wet gorge now protected from coal mining after a long running community campaign. Check out this map for the full itinerary.

Why are we protesting?
The NSW Government is holding a poxy “public consultation” on the proposed Wilpinjong coal mine expansion.

They've invited us all to a public hearing, put on by the Planning Assessment Commission, where we'd be allowed a maximum of five minutes to outline the reasons we object to a project that even the NSW Department of Planning admits will cause the extinction of the Upper Hunter community of Wollar.

We've been to these “public hearing” events before. We speak, but nobody listens. The facts do not count. The decision does not change. Even when the Commission makes good recommendations, they get ignored.

The worst thing is – it takes away our legal right to raise our objections in a court of law, where facts do count.

By directing the PAC to hold a public hearing into the Wilpinjong mine expansion, NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes has deliberately denied us our legal rights. And we're fed up. Community groups wrote to the Minister in September asking him not to take away our legal rights to challenge this project, but he's gone and done it anyway. He's hoping that we'll accept the rigged rules of his game and just play along, even though we know we'll lose.

Well, we won't. While the PAC is holding its ridiculous circus inside Mudgee Town Hall, we're going to be protesting on the streets.  We need to show Minister Stokes that we will not participate in a meaningless stunt that serves only to take away our legal rights. We actually want to stop the Wilpinjong coal mine expansion.

We will have simultaneous protests in Mudgee and in Sydney, as the PAC begins its hearing. Please join us to stand with the community of Wollar against this coal mine.


November 29, 2016 at 9:30am - 11am
Steve Phillips ·

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    Cant get there but hope you win! Good Luck!
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    Hi folks. Yes indeed, I agree its wrong. totally and completely wrong…. however may I with the greatest respect suggest that your strategy worries me somewhat. In my experience, boycotting simply hands them the win! Each and every time. In every single forum and location. Remember, Brexit and Trump only happened because so many people chose NOT TO VOTE and then were…and are….utterly horrified at the result….when it was all far too late to do anything about it. They could have won, but they chose to not participate….and so they lost. If you dont support your cause, you lose. If you dont vote against the other party, you lose. If you dont even bother to show up, they simply win on a forfeit. If you dont want it you MUST show up and VOTE AGAINST IT. BE HEARD.
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    Shove your process, we're gunna protest the Wilpinjong coal mine!
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    I will stand solid with you as normal
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