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    Well done all of you. You should not be in a fight like this to start with – but full credit to you for standing your ground. That the Australian Government does not support you in your quest to retain your rightful farm and lands is beyond being a travesty. Have a safe and Happy Christmas as strength of mind and body will surely be needed in the New Year. You have my full support and respect…..
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    Please chip in to support the legal appeal on the Acland Stage 3 coal mine on the Darling Downs.

    Last year, the Land Court found recommended against the mine because the impacts on groundwater would be too severe and the noise and dust impacts too great.  You can read a short summary of the Land Court decision here. Then earlier this year, the Queensland environment department rejected an Environmental Authority for the mine. 

    But New Hope Coal appealed the Land Court decision, and the Supreme Court found in their favour, ruling that the Land Court did not have the jurisdiction to reject the mine on groundwater grounds.

    That represents a major change in legal interpretation which will also mean groundwater can not be considered by the Land Court in future legal cases against coal mines.  

    However, local farmers have now lodged their own appeal to the Supreme Court decision, in a bid to stop this damaging project once and for all.

    This legal challenge is the final hurdle. If the farmers succeed, then the project will be finished. Please chip in to help them get it across the line. It's a fight for the Great Artesian Basin and the right to protect groundwater statewide - and we can't afford to lose.


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    Make Coal Giants Pay for Mine Clean-Up

    Our new report – Abandoned Mines in Queensland: Toxic Time-bomb or Employment Opportunity? – calls for big mining companies to cover the cost of rehabilitating the State’s abandoned mines and estimates that this would generate 6000 jobs in regional Queensland!

    There are too many large abandoned mines, and the full cost of cleaning them up is too large and should not fall on taxpayers. If mines are levied to pay for the clean up, they can also create jobs in the process.

    Why should we miss out on hundreds of schools and hospitals because we’re footing the bill for the mess left behind by irresponsible mining companies?



    9,415 signatures

    We call on the NSW and Queensland Premiers to strengthen weak mining laws and force companies to honour their obligations to rehabilitate their mines. The following needs to be done:

    1. Increase the required deposit to cover rehabilitation costs
    2. Require all future mines to backfill their mining pits and protect water resources
    3. Establish an independent authority to monitor and enforce mine rehabilitation
    4. Penalise companies who breach rehabilitation requirements.

    Together we can ensure that the mining industry is held to account and that our land and water resources are protected against abandoned mines.

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    Make a Donation!

    Share the 'Stand with Micklo' action with your friends and family!

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    Donate to support the Frack Free Kimberley campaign!

    The Kimberley has been identified as one of the most prospective regions in the world for shale gas production. Up to 40,000 wells could be drilled and fracked if the unconventional gas industry goes to full production in the region. 

    Broome community members and local Traditional Owners like Micklo Corpus are at the forefront of the struggle to protect the Kimberley from the inevitable destruction that would accompany fracking and shale gas production. Can you support them by donating to keep the Kimberley frack free?

    Your donation will go directly to the front line of people working to protect the iconic Kimberley landscapes at risk from fracking. All money raised will be used by Lock the Gate to:

    Inform regional and remote Kimberley communities and pastoral stations about the impacts of fracking;

    Produce materials to raise awareness about the threats from fracking in the Kimberley;

    Assist local community groups working to protect their region.

    If you like to make a regular monthly donation, why not join the Gate Keeper family by clicking here



    Donations of to Lock the Gate are tax-deductible.

    Lock the Gate operates in accordance with a privacy policy, which is available for download here.



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