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It’s a National Emergency

Across Australia, the combination of reckless coal and gas mining is putting our most important national water resources at risk.  

From our largest inland water resource – the Great Artesian Basin, to Sydney’s drinking water catchment - it’s all at risk. Now fracking threatens the outback rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin and the water recharge areas for the Mataranka Hot Springs in the Northern Territory.

There is so much at stake, and so much to lose.  Can you chip in to protect sweet, fresh water, forever?

With your support we can:

  1. Expose the massive threat to nationally-significant water sources from coal and gas
  2. Fix the Federal water trigger to stop dangerous mining projects in their tracks
  3. Strengthen expert assessments of mining proposals
  4. Build the people-power we need to put our water security before mining giants.

We’ll also be able to tackle head on dangerous projects like the Narrabri gas project and Adani coal mine, and fracking attacks in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

$25,000 GOAL

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