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    I Tried calling Rob Stokes as per your email, but I just get a dial tone like the line is linked to a fax. – Mike

    Call the Minister on Narrabri CSG

    A scathing parliamentary committee report has revealed that the NSW Government has failed  to implement the NSW Chief Scientist’s recommendations on coal seam gas (CSG).

    The report found only 2 of 16 recommendations for the controversial CSG industry have been implemented and that landholders can’t access insurance against CSG damages. 

    The Government will try and ignore these findings. Don’t let them.

    Right now, the NSW Government is in the final stages of assessing the controversial Narrabri CSG project for 850 gas wells through the recharge zone of the Great Artesian Basin.

    This assessment is being conducted by the Department of Planning. We all need to phone Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes, and tell him to put an immediate halt on the Narrabri CSG project in response to this scathing report.

    PHONE ROB STOKES 02 8574 6707

    Please be polite.  The phone will be answered by a receptionist.  Ask if you can speak to a policy adviser.  

    Tell the adviser (or the receptionist if no one else available) that you want your message passed on to the Minister. Ask them to take down your name and address.

    Some suggestions for what you might like to say:

    • A new Parliamentary Inquiry into CSG shows that the NSW Chief Scientist’s recommendations have not been put in place.
    • Only two of the 16 recommendations have been fully implemented.
    • This is unacceptable. We’re asking you to ensure that assessment of the Narrabri CSG project is now halted immediately in response to the report. 
    • The Narrabri gas project will deplete groundwater, produce toxic salt waste, create greenhouse pollution and keep gas and power prices high.  
    • Please do not refer this gas project to the Independent Planning Commission for decision. Instead, support the CSG moratorium Bill Justin Field has introduced into parliament and put a halt to assessment of the Narrabri project.

    Minister Stokes and his staff may try to claim they can’t intervene in the Department’s or the IPC’s processes, but those processes apply the laws and policies created by the Government. The Government is only too ready and willing to change the law and change policies to suit the mining industry. Now they need to do that for the people, to stop CSG!

    Please let us know how your call went in the form below.

    You can also read more about this scathing new report on CSG in The Age, The Guardian, The Land and the UK Daily Mail.  The full report can be found here.

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