David Williams

  • commented on Report reveals lack of gas industry regulation is harming Queenslanders 2020-02-21 21:56:42 +1100
    When you read that water bore holes are drying up logic tells you that something is happening. That is almost certainly that the water is going somewhere else,be it where the gas was or just another place we’ll probably never know. The bottom line is this,if they hadn’t have taken the gas the water would still be there. We don’t have the right to screw this place and leave jack shit for our kids. We don’t own it,neither does our government. Greed is the key factor,nothing else. Examples exist,Zimbabwe,those fools ate the cows and replaced them with goats,end result? Goats eat the roots as well as the stems,cows don’t. Result?desert. People starving. Mugabe. It took 40 years to totally ruin it,how long to rebuild?


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