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ACLAND ACTION: Open Letter to Deputy Premier, Steven Miles

The big fight, the final fight for Acland, is starting now.  Can you sign on to our letter to the Minister and Coordinator General asking them to recommend against the project?

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Will you sign?


The Hon Dr Steven Miles
Minister for State Development, Deputy Premier

1 William Street  

Ms Toni Power
Queensland Coordinator General

1 William Street  
28th Feb 2022

Dear Minister & Coordinator General,

We are writing in relation to the Acland Stage 3 coal expansion project proposed on the Darling Downs.

Following the recommendation of the Queensland Land Court late last year, we understand the project now comes under the purview of state development, and will be considered again by the Coordinator General.

The Acland Stage 3 project will destroy prime farmland, drain groundwater, impact the health and wellbeing of neighbouring families and fuel climate change. 

The Land Court hearing last year was highly restricted and could not consider groundwater impacts, nor properly consider climate and human rights impacts.

We are writing to request that the project does not proceed because the impacts are too great. 

We hope that the Government will use the discretion available to it to reject this damaging project.

We also want to request full transparency in any process going forward, including ensuring that any new change report to the Coordinator General is exhibited for public comment.

We note that the coal mine is not operating at present, and reopening it now will further harm and divide the community.

We encourage the government to support new sustainable opportunities in the region in agriculture and renewable energy, to set the Darling Downs up for the future.

Yours sincerely,

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