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Our governments and energy companies call it a recipe for economic recovery.

But when every fracked gas well needs 30 million litres of fresh water and 18 tonnes of chemicals, and when gas already contributes 19% to our greenhouse emissions, it’s actually a recipe for disaster.

We don’t need new gas. Renewables are ready now.

Learn more about what’s at stake. Discover gas threats near you and your favourite places.

Four More Reasons Why the Cost is Too High

  1. For every 10 jobs created in coal seam gas (CSG), 18 jobs are lost in agriculture

  2. Over 120 farm water bores in Queensland have already run dry because of coal seam gas

  3. Direct loss of farmland for CSG results in farmers losing up to 10% in economic returns

  4. More than $2 billion in public funds have been allocated to the gas industry in the last financial year

Communities protecting their homes

A coal seam gasfield in Qld


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