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Annastacia Palaszczuk must urgently protect farmers from CSG; and use it to lead the way at COAG

Lock the Gate Alliance has today welcome Federal Resource and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg’s move to put the rights of landholders and the need to protect land and water resources from Coal Seam Gas (CSG) on The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agenda, but said that action is urgently needed from the Qld Government right now on the issue.

Lock the Gate Alliance National Coordinator Phil Laird said that there has been plenty of talk from Federal MPs this week, but no action at all from any Government, and that the Qld Government needs to head to COAG with changes already in place that better protect landowners form the harmful impacts of CSG.

“We’re calling for immediate action from the Qld Government to deliver changes that are urgently needed to prevent further harm to farmers in Qld from CSG companies.

“The community is increasingly frustrated that there has still been no response whatsoever from the Qld Government after the loss of George Bender.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk has not responded to requests from Pam and Helen Bender to a meeting, and there has been no response to our calls for a CSG Crisis Action Plan. 

“The plan would go along way to drastically reducing the harm to people being forced to live in gasfields.

“The Queensland Government has being warned that people are on the brink and at the end of their tether. This is not a time for buck passing.

“This week more and more people on the land are coming out and saying that they are struggling emotionally with bullying and stress of the CSG occupation.

“At Hopeland Queensland, farmers are dealing with the double whammy of good soils being contaminated by Linc Energy's underground coal gasification, and being surrounded by CSG companies wanting to occupy their farms against their will

“Annastacia Palaszczuk must be ready to attend COAG having already taken action to deliver fairness for farmers and end the bullying and coercion by CSG companies.

“We have welcomed the move by Minister Frydenberg to take the issue to COAG, but our politicians need to move beyond more talk and urgently deliver change.

“The Federal Senate had a chance to provide a veto right to farmers earlier this year, but both major political parties voted it down.  The community wants action, not another talkfest” concluded Mr Laird

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  • Raymond Cowell
    commented 2015-11-02 16:49:40 +1100
    No more arrogance towards land holders, Oil and Gas are now being challenged by Wind and various base line Solar power generation power stations ( see PS20 Spain Seville 300 mega watt capacity as a leading example) . The world is moving fast from fossil fuel and expensive uranium fuels. Let us not get left behind by forward thinking countries that are embracing new safe technologies, this is a very critical time it , there is no time to be procrastinating about coal and gas and uranium being in the mix. We should be saying Thermal solar, Photo electric, Wind turbine , Tidal, and Geo Thermal are in the mix. That needs to be our starting point in the conversation and not the reverse that we are currently hearing from the top leaders of this country. Ray Cowell. Musician / technician / sound engineer.
  • John Frois
    commented 2015-10-30 15:35:35 +1100
    Anastacia, it’s time you stepped up to the plate regarding environmental protection. How about meeting the people on the ground, who are adversely impacted by caoal mining and CSG? How about sticking to your election promises? No one was more pleased than me when you became Qld Premier at the last election, however you are beginning to disappoint those who helped your party to become the government.. Please don’t go down the same road as Anna Bligh, who was salivating at the mouth whenever coal mining was mentioned, who did not give a damn on the lives of people on the land and who is known as one of the most incompetent premiers (right after Newman) that Qld has ever had!
  • John Frois
    followed this page 2015-10-30 15:10:18 +1100