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Australia Under Threat from Coal and Gas

37.3% of Australia covered by coal and gas.National mapping reveals that 37.3% of Australia is covered by coal and gas licences and applications.

That amounts to 285 million hectares - an area almost 13 times the size of Great Britain!

Our best food-producing lands, our finest natural areas and some of our most important water resources are all at risk from unsafe coal and gas mining.

Many of our nationally significant water supplies are at risk, including:

  1. Sydney’s drinking water catchment
  2. Important groundwater resources for Perth and Alice Springs
  3. The vast inland water supplies of the Great Artesian Basin
  4. The wonderful desert rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin of south-west Qld
  5. The recharge zone for the international tourist icon of Mataranka Hot Springs
  6. The groundwater of the magnificent Limestone Coast of South Australia

Explore the map below by switching the layers on and off on the right, and using the zoom features, to find out if your home, your favourite holiday location or your family are covered by coal or gas licences.

And please share this map with your friends and family across the country – everyone needs to know what’s at stake!


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