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  • commented on NSW Government allows Shenhua to start work on Liverpool Plains mine without crucial management plans 2019-01-09 22:19:47 +1100
    Its as easy as building a High rise building when you have your very own certifier. With mining you just need your very own government minister.
    Simple solution, Royal Commission, ICAC.
  • commented on ACCC report shows new gasfields won’t cut gas prices as export continues 2018-08-04 20:22:54 +1000
    The Gas exploiters are sitting on undisclosed gas deposits for overseas sales ongoing.
    If they were obliged to reveal to the owners, Australians all, the resources found as a condition of the lease we would be better served by our responsible Governments.
    Unfortunately, too many Gov. ministers get follow up jobs with the miners and some unkind people say they do not work for our best interests (Legally of course ) Many ex ministers including Martin Ferguson are now entitled to support mining Corps.
    Ask him what sort of return are we getting from the new LPG industry?

    We need:
    Laws to protect our proven reserves, time limits on development approvals, prevention of price manipulation, taxation of job replacement by robotics and off-shored jobs and IP income resources. It all comes down to LAW Law.
    Are ANY of our Mining Ministers since Whitlam Gov. Rex Connor trying to protect our common wealth?
  • commented on Unconventional Gas Impacts: Methane Leakage and Venting 2017-08-24 15:37:48 +1000
    The vested corporate interests in fossil feuls blindsided environmetalists by re-labeling “air pollution” into a more easily confusing “climate change” issue, and the media corporations like the Murdoch press obliged their corporate cronies by publishing “climate denial” propaganda.

    Environmental organisations should put AIR POLLUTION as their major issue.
    Let the climate be its own proof of the increasing mass of moisture from greenhouse effects wreaking destruction on communities far from the corporations Tax havens.

    Identify each of the offending gasses, particulates and toxic airborne chemical mixtures and then name the major identifiable corporations involved.
    Put a price on the health and air quality issues for each category of pollution.
    The only thing that will register with vested interests is the price they will have to pay.
    Name and shame CEOs. Take them to court. Fine then individually.
    Their God is $$$$$PROFIT
  • signed Mine Rehab Petition 2016-08-08 03:48:56 +1000

    Make Coal Giants Pay for Mine Clean-Up

    Our new report – Abandoned Mines in Queensland: Toxic Time-bomb or Employment Opportunity? – calls for big mining companies to cover the cost of rehabilitating the State’s abandoned mines and estimates that this would generate 6000 jobs in regional Queensland!

    There are too many large abandoned mines, and the full cost of cleaning them up is too large and should not fall on taxpayers. If mines are levied to pay for the clean up, they can also create jobs in the process.

    Why should we miss out on hundreds of schools and hospitals because we’re footing the bill for the mess left behind by irresponsible mining companies?



    9,119 signatures

    We call on the NSW and Queensland Premiers to strengthen weak mining laws and force companies to honour their obligations to rehabilitate their mines. The following needs to be done:

    1. Increase the required deposit to cover rehabilitation costs
    2. Require all future mines to backfill their mining pits and protect water resources
    3. Establish an independent authority to monitor and enforce mine rehabilitation
    4. Penalise companies who breach rehabilitation requirements.

    Together we can ensure that the mining industry is held to account and that our land and water resources are protected against abandoned mines.

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