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Call Minister Lynham to Stop Acland

The farmers on the Darling Downs need to be heard. Will you watch this video and then share their message with the Mines Minister? 

Minister Anthony Lynham is the Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines and he will make the final decision about whether New Hope’s Acland Stage 3 mine expansion can go ahead, the Premier will have to sign off on the decision too and also needs to hear from us. 

It would also be helpful to call your own state MP and them know this is an issue you are concerned about. You can find their contacts here. 


Call Anthony Lynham’s office on:

(07) 3719 7360


Call Premier Palaszczuk’s office on:

(07) 3719 7000


Tips for making your call:

  • Call during office hours.
  • You will probably speak to a receptionist. Be polite and friendly.

  • Tell them your name, contact details and where you are from.

  • Say you’re calling in relation to the Land Court judgement on the Acland Stage 3 coal expansion on the Darling Downs and you want to see the Acland Stage 3 coal expansion rejected and the region protected for good.

  • You are concerned about the mine because the impacts on groundwater affecting landholders in the vicinity for hundreds of years to come.

  • It is essential that the Queensland Government fully respects the integrity of the Land Court recommendation.

Read our brief summary of the land court decision for more information.

Leave a comment to tell us how the call went and how they responded.

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  • Greg Wood
    commented 2017-06-21 16:40:45 +1000
    Minister Lynham’s representative politely listened and committed to pass on my concerns. He advised that there had been quite a number of callers. The person in the Premier’s office said she would add my name to the tally of callers opposed to the mine’s expansion. This suggested similarly significant caller numbers. I was told I’d need to write with any details I’d like particularly considered. I’ll be doing that as it seems that the approval schedule will well enable me the time to do so.
  • Sarah Moles
    commented 2017-06-20 09:56:24 +1000
    Spoke to Matthew. It was a polite and friendly chat. He said that the New Hope Coal application for a Judicial Review included a request for a stay on the Minister’s decision. This will be heard on Friday this week. If granted that could mean some considerable time before the Minister can make a decision.
  • Gillian Pechey
    commented 2017-06-20 04:54:45 +1000
    Qld labor restored funding and recognition of the conservation movement. It upholds the Water Act which determines that this region’s water is already fully allocated. We expect Ms Palaszczuk to honour the Land Court’s findings.