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Channel Country Protected!

We did it! Queensland Channel Country Rivers will be protected from oil and gas.

Will you write a thank you message to Premier Steven Miles, congratulating him for bringing in these protections in his first week as Premier?

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  • Ian Winterflood
    commented 2023-12-25 09:25:53 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles,

    Thank you for making the decision to protect the channel country against mining. The future of Australia’s indigenous people and our respective grandchildren will look more promising if other political leaders could also step up like you have done.

    Wishing you and your family all the very best of the holiday season and continue the great leadership into 2024.

    Ian Winterflood

    (Redland Bay area, Bowen federal Electorate)
  • Tracey Nayler
    commented 2023-12-25 07:43:01 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles

    Congratulations on your appointment and thank you for announcing new emissions reduction targets and the protection of the Channel Country from expansion of oil and gas extraction.

    At Christmastime traditionally the celebrations were about light in the darkness — the triumph of hope. For those of us who have closely followed the issue of climate heating, hope is fast running out.

    Your early efforts to set the tone of your premiership as one responsive to and responsible for just transition from a carbon intensive economy are welcome. I wish you every success in these endeavours.

    Merry Christmas, Tracey Nayler
  • Kate Hill
    commented 2023-12-25 07:41:23 +1100
    Dear Premier,

    Congratulations on your decision to stop fracking in South West Queensland.

    You have shown courage and leadership and are a shining example to other premiers.

    Merry Christmas,

    Kate Hill
  • Yvonne Hadad
    commented 2023-12-25 05:12:24 +1100
    You’ve restored my faith, made my Christmas happy knowing that the message from the people can be heard, and common sense can prevail . MERRY Christmas
  • Maria Marzella
    commented 2023-12-25 02:12:22 +1100
    Thank you for disallowing fracking on the Channel Country. It’s total relief.

    Best wishes in your role as QLD Premier,


  • Annie Howitt
    commented 2023-12-24 22:56:58 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles

    Congratulations on bringing in the changes to ensure Queensland Channel Country Rivers will be protected from oil and gas fracking. Providing this leadership in your first week is an amazing achievement and i hope these important changes continue under your government.

    With thanks

    Annie Howitt
  • Kerri Cross
    commented 2023-12-24 22:33:11 +1100
    What a brilliant outcome for not only the Channel Rivers Country but for the whole of Australia who may one day face the same challenges. A heartfelt thank you to you Premier Steven Miles and congratulations for working with the people of the land and Lock the Gate Group to achieve this outcome. I hope our beautiful state of Tasmania will continue to be Frack Free. With your kind of leadership regarding this matter we might be safe! Merry Christmas
  • Geraldine McCorkill
    commented 2023-12-24 21:41:19 +1100
    Thank you so much Premier Steven Miles for protecting the Channel Country Rivers from oil and gas.
  • Anne Sutherland
    commented 2023-12-24 21:39:11 +1100
    Please keep your promise that no new Fracking in the Channel Country will happen after August & please close the old ones down.
  • Bernard Jean
    commented 2023-12-24 21:36:34 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles for protecting Queensland Channel Rivers from oil and gas. A very wise decision in times of climate emergency.

    Kind regards,
  • Andrew Pengelly
    commented 2023-12-24 20:49:07 +1100
    Thank you Premier for protecting the Channel Country, and for giving Queenslanders and Australians a wonderful Christmas present
  • Martin Mansfield
    commented 2023-12-24 20:48:44 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles

    Thank you very much for protecting the Channel Country from fracking. It is a fantastic decision.

    Best wishes

    Martin Mansfield
  • Jeanne Smith
    commented 2023-12-24 20:02:40 +1100
    Thank you for protecting the Channel Country.
  • Derek Millar
    commented 2023-12-24 18:33:04 +1100
    Thank you Premier, it’s a rare win for the planet and a demonstration of what wisdom and courage can achieve.
  • Ros Boundy
    commented 2023-12-24 18:32:06 +1100
    Thank you for taking a step forward to protect the future of all Australians.
  • Kathryn Harwood
    commented 2023-12-24 18:27:44 +1100
    Thank you for protecting the Channel Country rivers

    Well Done!!
  • Rob Maitland
    commented 2023-12-24 17:59:15 +1100
    Thank you for protecting the Channel Country of Queensland.. These rivers are some of the last free-flowing desert rivers in the world – they sustain a clean, grass-fed beef industry and hold tremendous cultural significance for the Traditional Owners of the land.

    Oil and gas would have wreaked havoc on this fragile ecosystem and put precious cultural sites at risk. Without this protection, we could have seen thousands of fracking wells drilled across the landscape and millions of litres of water sucked out of groundwater systems.
  • Lisa Newling
    commented 2023-12-24 17:51:53 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles,

    Congratulations on your recent appointment to the top job in Queensland. I would like to send my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for making the protection of the Queensland Channel Country Rivers from the oil and gas industry one of the priorities in your first week in the job! I and so many others could not have asked for a better Christmas present – a beacon of hope in what has been a very bleak time for many. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas, health and happiness across 2024 and many more opportunities to stand up for what is right for Queensland, Australia and the future of our planet.

    With extreme gratitude,

  • Alan Wardrop
    commented 2023-12-24 17:31:06 +1100
    Premier Miles,

    Thank you for protecting Queensland Channel Country Rivers will from oil and gas extraction.
  • Phil Hoar
    commented 2023-12-24 17:27:19 +1100
    Thank you Premier.

    The most important resources in Australia are water then food. Without good water we impact food. We can’t eat or drink oil, gas or coal.

    Hopefully your leadership will be followed by others.
  • Eideard M"Cormaig-Beckett.
    commented 2023-12-24 16:31:19 +1100
    Thanking you for your consideration, to the creation of God’s Earth, in keeping it part of how he created it for man kind and all his animals to live in their natural environment. Blessings be with thee.
  • Michelle Britton
    commented 2023-12-24 15:56:22 +1100
    I’m not from Qld but I am an Australian who is deeply worried about the direction of care and respect recent governments have shown to our country and future generations in regards of environmental preservation.

    Thank you for your courage and foresight in delivering these protections for the people, wild life and rivers of Channel Country and the Lake Eyre Basin. Unlike most politicians, you should be able to rest well at night knowing you have helped stand up against the destructive practice of fracking.
  • Chris Bellamy
    commented 2023-12-24 15:40:49 +1100
    Great news about saving the Lake Eyre Basin from fracking for now and the future.
  • Paul Taylor
    commented 2023-12-24 14:25:22 +1100
    Thank you, its give me a reason to start voting for Labor.
  • Kecci Slater
    commented 2023-12-24 13:45:09 +1100
    Although not from Queensland ( I am Perth Western Australia) I truly congratulate you having the vision, courage and strength to take action and stop fracking. My perception of you individually has just risen 110%, well done lead the nation in stopping this devastating practice.
  • Nell Thayne
    commented 2023-12-24 12:47:15 +1100
    Dear Premier Steven Miles,

    Although I am not a Queenslander (I’m in Perth Western Australia) I want to express my appreciation for your action in protecting the outback rivers in your state from risky industrial processes involved in oil and gas extraction.

    With thanks,

    Nell Thayne
  • Nevell Hungerford
    commented 2023-12-24 12:02:43 +1100
    Dear Premier,

    From the bottom of my elderly retired-farming heart (D.O.B. 30/09/30) please accept my sincere congratulations for preventing more fracking in a big area of Queensland. You are showing yourself to be a “Light on the Hill” such as was spoken of by the late, great Ben Chiefley!
  • Nevell Hungerford
    commented 2023-12-24 11:52:50 +1100
  • Jennifer Fidge
    commented 2023-12-24 11:46:34 +1100
  • Sharon Kinnison
    commented 2023-12-24 11:46:17 +1100
    Yes, yes I support protection for the channel country

    Regards, Sharon Kinnison