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Channel Country Protected!

We did it! Queensland Channel Country Rivers will be protected from oil and gas.

Will you write a thank you message to Premier Steven Miles, congratulating him for bringing in these protections in his first week as Premier?

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  • Catherine Ryan
    commented 2023-12-24 11:33:49 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles,

    Good on you for your sensible and wise decision to stop oil and gas in Channel Country.

    Please keep up your vision and energy for the necessary good that replacing fossil fuels with renewables can bring to Queensland.

    And have a great Xmas.
  • Lizette Watson
    commented 2023-12-24 11:16:36 +1100
    Thankyou for protecting our beautiful country
  • Chuck Rooskov
    commented 2023-12-24 10:34:15 +1100
    THANK YOU Premier for protecting the channel country.
  • Debbie Hellewell
    commented 2023-12-24 10:27:13 +1100


  • Annie Oates
    commented 2023-12-24 10:20:38 +1100
    Thankyou Steven Miles for stopping polluters of Australian water. Keep up the good work.
  • Carole Lush
    commented 2023-12-24 10:09:50 +1100
    Thank you for protecting the Channel Country of Queensland. Itโ€™s wonderful to know that our Government values the natural environment and the welfare of our farming community over gas fracking.
  • David Burrowes
    commented 2023-12-24 09:36:41 +1100
    Great decision Premier
  • Kevin Seymour
    commented 2023-12-24 09:30:54 +1100
    Onya Steve.. :-)
  • Peter Foster-Bunch
    commented 2023-12-24 09:12:11 +1100



  • Maria O'Brien
    commented 2023-12-24 08:37:57 +1100
    So happy to hear that the Channel country is protected from fracking. Living on the Darling Downs, I am well aware of the damage done by, the lies told and the intimidation carried out by the mining industry here. Water sources destroyed or contaminated, scarce valuable fertile land destroyed. Thank you for protecting another, harsher environment from this oil the name of fossil fuel extraction.
  • Lynne Pettall
    commented 2023-12-24 07:31:17 +1100
    Taking action to prevent further destruction of our environment is indeed clearsighted and brave. You now have the position to act in our best interests, please continue to use your position with wisdom and courage, and thank you.
  • Peter Moss
    commented 2023-12-24 07:25:40 +1100
    Thanks. Wonderful!
  • Jay Ridgewell
    commented 2023-12-24 06:56:40 +1100
    Thanks Premier Miles for protecting Channel Country from fracking. I look forward to seeing what else you will do.
  • Peta Tynan
    commented 2023-12-24 06:31:50 +1100
    Protection of our floodplains is a huge step to protect our water systems, now the artesian basin also needs security.
  • Susan Newbury
    commented 2023-12-24 06:25:55 +1100
    Congratulations on your ban on fracking in the Channel Country. We all need to work to eliminate this environmentally destructive form of exrtraction
  • Vicki Harrington
    commented 2023-12-24 04:27:58 +1100
  • Vicky Holloway
    commented 2023-12-24 02:41:14 +1100
    Thank you
  • Vicky Holloway
    commented 2023-12-24 02:40:33 +1100
  • Jacinta Foale
    commented 2023-12-23 23:15:22 +1100
    Premier Miles, wow, you have shown big picture leadership with your decision to disallow the destruction of our precious environment caused by fracking . Fracking represents scraping the bottom of the barrel in greedy overreach. Your decision is inspiring. Thankyou.
  • Fiona Hardie
    commented 2023-12-23 22:38:02 +1100
    Thank you so much for protecting the Channel Country from fracking. All across Australia we are hoping for decisions like yours to help protect our farms and the environment. You are a beacon of light for us all. Thank you.
  • Janette Lovell
    commented 2023-12-23 22:34:53 +1100
    To Premier Steven Miles

    A massive Thankyou for standing up , speaking up to protect the Channel Country.

    Gives one hope for this beautiful country we live in.

    Keep up the good work !

    Kind Regards

    Janette Lovell
  • Michelle Philip
    commented 2023-12-23 22:34:42 +1100
    Thank thank thank goodness you listened to the people that this effects. This saves the environment and our childrenโ€™s lives as well.

    I hope you continue to listen with the environment in mind and not $ for your pockets.

  • Mark Wylob
    commented 2023-12-23 22:34:29 +1100
  • Felicite Ross
    commented 2023-12-23 22:20:51 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles and congratulations.

    There is now a glimmer of hope that Old. , under your government, will stop all new fossil fuel exploration and development, expand renewable energy sources, retrain workers in the fossil fuel industries and encourage the uptake of EVs. Finally perhaps you can show your NSW counterpart the importance of what you are doing ,for the health and well-being of all Australians and the environment that sustains us.

    Long may you lead.
  • Libby Pender
    commented 2023-12-23 22:00:52 +1100
    I have followed climate change since 1962 WHEN

    CARSON wrote Silent Spring.

    THANK you for finally Doing Something only 63 years overdue.


  • Jasmine Story
    commented 2023-12-23 21:36:30 +1100
    Thanks for listening to us!
  • Malcolm Paterson
    commented 2023-12-23 21:32:11 +1100
    Dear Premier, this news about protection for the Channel Country is amazing good news. I have been involved in following the snail pace of government process since protection was promised, but at last you have given every Queenslander and all Australians a chance to appreciate the wonder of the inland river system in a desert! And very importantly, recognized the immeasurable value of this country for our First Nations people to practice culture and protect their Country. Thank you for doing what is right, and setting a new standard – to put these community values first not the self interest of giant multinational gas companies. No new coal and gas any more in Qld please!
  • Leanne Armytage
    commented 2023-12-23 21:18:28 +1100
    There is so much to preserve and protect in Australia and thankfully, previous generations have fought to protect our land from exploitation and I am forever grateful for their foresight and legacy.

    Thank you Premier Miles for your decision to protect the Channel Country for future generations.
  • Noela Kirkwood
    commented 2023-12-23 21:15:12 +1100
    Dear Premier. What an historic way to start your new Premiership knowing you have made a decision that will protect countless animals and plants into the future. Not many others are given such an opportunity and privilege and you will be thanked for having the foresight to do so..
  • Felicity Oswell
    commented 2023-12-23 21:06:18 +1100
    You guys rock. Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ