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Channel Country Protected!

We did it! Queensland Channel Country Rivers will be protected from oil and gas.

Will you write a thank you message to Premier Steven Miles, congratulating him for bringing in these protections in his first week as Premier?

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  • Cameron Stirling
    commented 2023-12-23 21:05:50 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles for protecting the precious Channel Country from the destructive effects of fracking and of oil and gas mining. I will be watching this space to see that the protection actually happens and continues.
  • Dr Fiona McAllan
    commented 2023-12-23 20:58:06 +1100
    Congratulations Premier Steven Miles – in your first week in office you have made Queensland step up as a State – while so many other States and Premiers are not doing enough.

    I applaud you and your commitment to Queenslanders (and your example to the rest of the country’s government offices.
  • Peter Clemesha
    commented 2023-12-23 20:53:22 +1100
    Than you for a move to look after future generations
  • Noel Willis
    commented 2023-12-23 20:45:25 +1100
    Dear Steven,

    Congratulations and thank you for protecting the Channel Country from harmful fracking and new oil and gas developments. The people have spoken – and you have heard!
  • Gale Bearman
    commented 2023-12-23 20:28:12 +1100
    Premier Miles

    Thank you for stoping fracking in the channel country.
  • Elle Gee
    commented 2023-12-23 20:18:12 +1100
    Congratulations Premier Miles, for stopping oil and gas in the channel country.

    You are a hero, not just in Queensland, but all over Australia. You have been brave and done the right thing for the future of Australia and the planet.

    Thank you

    Elle Gee
  • Thomas Goodman
    commented 2023-12-23 18:37:48 +1100
    Mr Miles

    A huge thank you for your foresight in protecting the Channel Country from fracking and gas and oil drilling. We love it up there and travel to the Diamantina and Cooper every so often.

    Have a merry Christmas, you’ve certainly made ours
  • Gregory Olsen
    commented 2023-12-23 18:26:48 +1100
    Thanx so much for protecting the Channel Country from fracking, exploitation and contamination! Well done in week one! 🤗
  • Michelle Younghusband
    commented 2023-12-23 18:26:30 +1100
    Thank-you for ensuring the Channel Country is protected from new gas projects. Australia is such a delicate ecosystem and actions to protect it help us all; both for us and future generations.
  • David Kault
    commented 2023-12-23 18:21:44 +1100
    Thank you for saving the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre basin from fossil fuel exploitation and destruction. An excellent start to your first week.
  • Judy Pile
    commented 2023-12-23 18:16:19 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles,

    Thank you for taking decisive action to protect the Channel Country and Lake Eyre basin from fracking. I hope that this will be the first of many actions you will take to help protect lands, waters and life in every part of Queensland from destructive mining projects.

    This action and others will benefit not only your state, but all of us.
  • Anne Robbie
    commented 2023-12-23 18:13:36 +1100
    Dear q Miles I’m so glad that you are protecting the Queensland Channel Country and the Eyre Basin from further damage from the oil and gas industries. As I lived in Queensland for 52 years before returning to be nearer my grandchildren, this area is very dear to me and a unique area of Australia. I can’t emphasise enough the importance of your protection order for the First Nation’s people as well as the farmers and braziers who work and look after this land. Well done!
  • Anthony Martin
    commented 2023-12-23 18:00:13 +1100
    Great move! Congratulations. Keep up the good work and you will be the people’s friend… and Australia’s.
  • Anthony Martin
    commented 2023-12-23 18:00:13 +1100
    Great move! Congratulations. Keep up the good work and you will be the people’s friend… and Australia’s.
  • Boyd McCurdy
    commented 2023-12-23 17:55:57 +1100
    My Dear Premier, Steven Miles,

    I never thought I would be congratulating you so early in your premiership of Queensland on such an important ecological matter! You have indeed made an impressive start . As you are well aware there is a lot of important work to be done in your capacity as Premier . QLD is a wealthy State within a wealthy country and has many needs including its fair share of needy people, especially in the light of the recent disasterous NQ floods .

    The protections you have bought to our precious inland river systems are truely commendable .

    I wish you every success in your future endeavours as premier of our State
  • Lester Jerman
    commented 2023-12-23 17:27:27 +1100
    A big THANK YOU to you and your government for the timely protection from fracking in the Channel Country. Keep up the good work. And Merry Xmas.
  • S..... Watson
    commented 2023-12-23 17:21:49 +1100
    Thank you for preventing fracking an area of the Channel Country Rivers to protect the water for the people who live there. This protection is so important to the people who live there. Thank you again.
  • Andre Steyl
    commented 2023-12-23 16:53:38 +1100
    Thank you for your urgent action in your first week as premier of QLD… I sincerely hope that the other premiers follow your lead
  • Kimberly Wiley
    commented 2023-12-23 16:53:25 +1100
    Thank you so much for the protections.
  • Beris Hansberry
    commented 2023-12-23 16:47:29 +1100
    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for your recent action

    This will be your legacy , a vital ecosystem saved by your decision ! What an achievement, never to be forgotten
  • Albert Martin
    commented 2023-12-23 16:46:42 +1100
    Premier Miles Congratulations
  • Margaret McHugh
    commented 2023-12-23 16:46:07 +1100
    Thankyou Premier Miles , what a wonderful Christmas Present for the Channel Country and the lake Eyre Basin including Alice SpringsNTregatds Marg McHugh
  • Maribel Garcia
    commented 2023-12-23 16:33:14 +1100
    Thank you for protecting the waters.
  • David Welsh
    commented 2023-12-23 16:31:29 +1100
    Thank you Steve! Thank you for being someone who loves mother nature. And thank you for loving the people of the earth. You are so forward in your thinking! Love from Deadly Dave Welsh.
  • Jacqueline Bradshaw
    commented 2023-12-23 16:26:16 +1100
    Thank you for protecting this most precious and beautiful part of Australia
  • martin timms
    commented 2023-12-23 16:24:08 +1100
    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to you in order to send my most sincere congratulations on the decision to ban unconventional oil and gas exploration in the Channel Country area of Queensland.

    This is a truly momentous decision and will hopefully lead to further bans on this destructive and dangerous process.

    Once again my most sincere congratulations to both you and your team.

    Yours faithfully.

    martin timms
  • Gaye Lawrence
    commented 2023-12-23 15:56:34 +1100
    Thank you for your wise decision in protecting the channel country from fracking and gas. You are definitely a leader with a vision for our future. Well done!
  • VIctoria Hamilton
    commented 2023-12-23 15:52:11 +1100
    Contratulations and thank you Premier Miles. The climate change effects of more methane et al green house gasses need reining in, in every state of Australia. You have acknowledged this by protecting the unique QLD Channel country. What we all know is that all of OZ and her peoples, past, present and future are unique, as is our wonderful flora and fauna.

    Again thank you for working to protect it all.

    Best Wishes for Christmas.
  • Sarah McLoughlin
    commented 2023-12-23 15:52:01 +1100
    Thank you very much for protecting groundwater against assault by gas industry
  • Rod McKelvey
    commented 2023-12-23 15:49:40 +1100
    How wonderful that you have landed in the Big Seat and started off with such great protection measures. May this be the first of many challenges for which you manage to get similarly positive outcomes.