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Channel Country Protected!

We did it! Queensland Channel Country Rivers will be protected from oil and gas.

Will you write a thank you message to Premier Steven Miles, congratulating him for bringing in these protections in his first week as Premier?

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  • Suzanne Richter
    commented 2023-12-23 12:16:51 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles. This is best Christmas present, lifting our spirits and helping to give us faith in the future. This is what we need. Thank you.
  • Alicia Cumbo
    commented 2023-12-23 12:14:35 +1100
    Thank you. God will destroy those that destroy His earth. You have done the right thing.
  • Trish Morrow
    commented 2023-12-23 12:13:09 +1100
    Thank you for protecting the Channel Country Rivers from oil and gas pollution
  • Bronwyn Sindel
    commented 2023-12-23 11:36:27 +1100
    Thanks you so much for bringing in protections for the preservation of country – we must save what we have not already destroyed.
  • Cheryl Kadinsky
    commented 2023-12-23 11:34:13 +1100
    Thank you Premier for protecting the Channel Country from oil and gas fracking. May this be the start of many decisions to protect our environment, water resources and agricultural productivity.
  • Helen Cooke
    commented 2023-12-23 11:33:40 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles for protecting our unique Channel country from further damage through oil and gas extraction. The area is rich in diversity and extraordinary cultural heritage as well as supporting sustainable agriculture. You have confirmed a great legacy to future generations.
  • Julia Jackson
    commented 2023-12-23 11:31:05 +1100
    Thank you for protecting our beautiful state from fracking! It’s a great start . Keep up the good work, please.
  • Marie Woolnough
    commented 2023-12-23 11:23:04 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles for not allowing oil and gas to be fracked in Queensland Channel Rivers in your first week in Parliament This will keep the rivers clean

    Kind Regards

    Marie Woolnough
  • Deidre Keys
    commented 2023-12-23 11:17:21 +1100
    Thank you so much, Premier.
  • Dermot Dorgan
    commented 2023-12-23 11:17:19 +1100
    Well done Mr Miles and Labor! Great relief that you’ve acted to protect theChannel country from further fracking.
  • Naomi Fisher
    commented 2023-12-23 11:16:43 +1100
    Thank you so much Premier for protecting the Channel Country. We have been waiting for confirmation for 7 years and finally it has happened.

    Keep going with legislating to protect these beautiful , fragile places. There is no future in fracking or oil exploration in a time when we need to, as a society, be shifting away from petrochemicals. Particularly if those industries destroy Country.

    Care of country is everything and everyone’s responsibility.

    Thanks for making that commitment to Country on our behalf.

  • Helen Lock
    commented 2023-12-23 11:05:53 +1100
    Thank you for this wonderful news!

    Thank you for protecting our land and precious water!

    Best wishes for you, your family and all those who support you🌲🌲🌲
  • chris eddelbuttel
    commented 2023-12-23 10:50:49 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles for your decision to protect the Channel country from fracking.
  • Jean Christie
    commented 2023-12-23 10:47:24 +1100
    Congratulations on protecting your beautiful state from fracking! Keep up the good work, please.
  • Christine T Ryan
    commented 2023-12-23 10:43:48 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles,

    What a great outcome, listening to farmers and indigenous groups, with the Channel Country decisions.

    A concerned for our future Australian citizen,

  • Camilla Nova
    commented 2023-12-23 10:38:41 +1100
    Dear Steven Miles -

    I am overjoyed to hear that you have stopped any fracking in the channel country of far western Queensland.

    It is such a fragile area and to frack there would irrevesibly destroy the fragile ecosystem.

    Fracking should also be stopped in all areas of Queensland / Australia.

    The Indigenous custodians and farmers of Tara and Darling Downs and Beetaloo Basin in the NT, and other fracked areas in Australia have all been in despair at the destruction of their land.

    This form of gas extraction is horrendous, pouring massive amounts of chemicals into the ground and splitting the bedrock, losing and contaminating the groundwater. This should not be happening.

    This article from The Guardian says it all –

    Please stop all fracking in Queensland !!

    thank you

    Camilla Nova
  • Gordon Steicke
    commented 2023-12-23 10:35:55 +1100
    Premier Steven Miles,

    Dear Premier,

    Just a massive thank you for bringing in these protections for the Queensland Channel Country Rivers.

    What an amazing Christmas present!!!

    Wishing for you a great Christmas with your loved ones.

  • Karin Foxwell
    commented 2023-12-23 10:21:01 +1100
    Dear Premier,

    I would like to share my appreciation for your decision to protect the Channel country area from destruction.

    Thank you so much.

  • Lemise Kassim
    commented 2023-12-23 10:16:17 +1100
    Thank you so much for protecting channel country from fracking. I have such high hopes for you to continue and stop opening any more gas explorations and new coal mines in our state 😘
  • Quentin Lang
    commented 2023-12-23 10:12:46 +1100
    Dear Mr Miles,

    Congratulations on becoming the QLD premier.

    I am so pleased you are bringing in these new protections for the Channel Country.

    All the best

  • Anna Breust
    commented 2023-12-23 10:12:35 +1100
    Dear Premier,

    Congratulations for your achievement to protect the Channel Country. As a member of ParraCan, a climate action group in Sydney, I hope NSW will follow your example to protect our flora and fauna for our future generations.

    Kind regards

    Anna Breust

    Winston Hills

    NSW 2153
  • Marco Hildebrandt
    commented 2023-12-23 10:10:20 +1100
    Congratulation on becoming Premier and thank you so much for protecting our environment, moving towards phasing out fossil fuels and protecting our Channel Country Rivers from the fossil fuel companies. I see these companies behaving just like cigarette companies. Thank you Kind regards Marco
  • Jan Buckley
    commented 2023-12-23 10:08:29 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles and your government for choosing to protect the natural resources of the Channel Country for the future benefit of all Australians.

    This decision to do the right thing has given us all, especially the young, some measure of hope for the future.

    Deep appreciation and gratitude!


    Jan Buckley
  • Gerry Bartlett
    commented 2023-12-23 09:59:08 +1100
    Dear Premier Miles,

    What you have done for Queensland mjght help protect the rest of the artesian basin, more particularly in the Pilliga region, as part of protection of resources – not firstly through the “Green agenda”: anti-coal, oil and gas/pro-solar/wind …but by restricting profit of something for nothing advocates who are holding back on more efficient, safe, nuclear fission/fusion power production and even more seriously the need to pursue Nicola Tesla’s discovery of free, earth-sourced power supply. More power to us all, indeed!
  • Bob Harding
    commented 2023-12-23 09:54:22 +1100
  • Catherine Laudine
    commented 2023-12-23 09:44:51 +1100
    Such wonderful news about the Channel Country rivers being protected from oil and gas. Heartfelt thanks
  • Beryl Turner
    commented 2023-12-23 09:37:30 +1100
    Thank-you for protecting the Channel country from fracking. And also thank-you for increasing our renewables target . At last we have some hope.
  • Malcolm Rickarby
    commented 2023-12-23 09:32:13 +1100
    Dear Premier,

    Thanks for protecting the channel country from the desperate despicable destruction of the fracking industry. I wish that more of our elected leaders would realise that they are there to represent the will of the people,

    past ,present and future.
  • Pennie Scott
    commented 2023-12-23 09:28:16 +1100
    Dear Premier -

    Thank you for your leadership in preventing fracking and protecting this precious area of Australia.

    May the other Premiers follow your courageous lead and do the same in their states.

    Wishing you a peaceful and laughter-filled break,

    With thanks

    pennie scott

    Canowindra NSW
  • Joe Zammit
    commented 2023-12-23 09:28:04 +1100
    Thank you Premier Miles. We all have to do what we can to protect our precious and small planet. It is even more incumbent of those in power to do more to help protect Earth. Stopping fracking is a good start, now quickly phasing out fossil fuels is essential.

    Thank you again.