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Lock the Gate members and groups are holding strong against an endless barrage of underhanded behaviour from mining and gas companies.

And now, the new Federal Albanese government - who we thought would do better on climate -- is giving over $1.5 billion to new gas projects* and opening up huge swathes of the ocean for drilling.**

With bushfires and floods raging across the country we can’t allow these fossil fuel projects to go ahead. 

Can we count on your support as a Gatekeeper to make a vital monthly contribution to our work? 

Your continued support will go towards:

  • Training and supporting local communities to resist giant fossil fuel projects on their doorstep in the remote Kimberley, Queensland and NT.
  • Bringing the message of these communities to the national stage to build national pressure for change.
  • Host documentary screenings, petitions and actions around the country
  • Shine a light through Freedom of Information requests, media stories and online advertising on the Albanese Government’s dodgy policies like the outrageous billion-dollar taxpayer-funded gas rush.



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