New South Wales CSG - Narrabri Coal Seam Gas Project

Published: May 02, 2018

coal seam gas, pilliga, narrabri, new south walesThe Narrabri Gas Project is the largest development ever proposed under the modern planning system in New South Wales.

Santos proposes up to 850 wells on 425 well pads over 95,000 hectares. This is more than four times the size of either of the previously approved CSG projects in NSW. 

pilliga, coal seam gas, wildlife, new south wales, santosThe proposal includes a gas processing facility for compression, dehydration and treatment of gas, a water management facility for storage and treatment of produced water and brine, possible additional power generation on site, and continual flaring (burning off of gas) at two locations.

It also includes an infrastructure corridor through the forest between Leewood and Bibblewindi, expansion of worker accommodation, discharge of waste water into Bohena Creek, irrigation with treated water and landfill burial of tens of thousands of tonnes of salt. The project is quite literally huge!


Water Impacts: The gasfield will drill through and de-water the aquifers beneath a recharge aquifer of the Great Artesian Basin, leading to loss of pressure and drawdown. There is a huge community campaign to stop it from proceeding. 

Biodiversity and the Pilliga: The Pilliga is the largest temperate woodland in NSW. Santos propose clearing nearly 1,000ha of the Pilliga, including habitat for endangered fauna including the Regent honeyeater, the koala, and the Pilliga Mouse. Spread across the whole forest, this clearing will fragment and degrade much larger areas of habitat.

You can view a grim pictorial history of Coal Seam Gas in the Pilliga here- a history of toxic waste, polluted water, and ruined wildlife.


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