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Will you chip in?

Origin Energy has plans to open up vast new oil and gas fields across our most iconic outback landscapes!

They’re targeting our cultural and environmental jewels, tourism icons of global renown, and some of the most beautiful, unspoilt places left on earth.

Can you help us stop Origin’s frack attack?

  • The mighty Kimberley region, inland of Broome in Western Australia
  • The pristine floodplains of the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Basin in south-west Queensland
  • The Roper Gulf region south of Mataranka Hot Springs in the Northern Territory

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Up to June 30, every gift of $100 or more will be MATCHED by other supporters as outraged as you are about Origin’s plans - so your donation of:

$100 will become $200 - which will help us organise influential briefings for Origin’s investors to make the case against funding fracking;

$120 which will be $240 - and will go towards strategically positioned advertising to target Origin staff members and make them aware of their company’s dangerous plans to frack in the NT;

$250 which would be a whopping $500 - to fund eye catching billboards and other advertising calling on the Qld Government to protect the precious Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Basin from fracking;

Or $500 would contribute a massive $1,000 - towards production of a new film we are making to build widespread community support for the campaign to protect the Kimberley from fracking