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We need real action from the new NSW Parliament to stop new coal and gas.

Communities have been left to bear the brunt of the devastating impacts from polluting mega-mines for too long, and we can’t afford to wait any longer

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Contributions are tax deductible.


Every gift from you that is $100 or more, will be matched! - so your donation of:

$100 will become $200 - which will help us expose the corporate greenwashing of climate impacts by companies like Glencore and Whitehaven;

$120 which will be $240 - and cover travel costs for farmers, Traditional Owners and other community representatives to meet key decision-makers in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra;

$250 which would be a whopping $500 - and go towards crucial research on the damaging impacts of coal and coal seam gas on our precious water resources;

Or $500 would contribute a massive $1,000 - to fund legal specialists to investigate opportunities to challenge gas drilling without proper approvals and dangerous gas pipelines in Qld and NSW