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Tell the PM: Don’t Frack Up Australia

The Government is using tax-payer funds* to support fracking & gas projects across Australia.

This is putting iconic landscapes and water resources at risk. From the magnificent Kimberley region, to the Northern Territory, and even the extraordinary floodplains of the Lake Eyre Basin..

Dear Prime Minister and all Federal Parliamentarians,

The so-called gas crisis that is currently affecting the east coast of Australia has been caused by the diversion of domestic gas to the three CSG export plants at Gladstone, Queensland.

It is the gas industry who has caused this problem by shipping our gas overseas, leading to price spikes for manufacturers here and putting Australian businesses at risk.

We’re asking you to reject outright the plans for new fracking gasfields, pipelines and gas-fired power stations in Australia. Our iconic landscapes are far too precious to frack.

We’re calling on all Parliamentarians to support renewable energy and battery storage, and stop propping up the ailing gas industry with tax-payer funded handouts.

It's time to lead us forwards, not backwards.</i>

*The 2021 federal budget included another $58 million for gas, taking the total in subsidies and direct handouts to well over $1 billion in the last year alone for fracking gasfields, pipelines & power stations.

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