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Don't Crush Our Farming Community

My name is Anne Kennedy, I’m a farmer from Coonamble and a grandmother of 13.  

Premier Mike Baird and his government are trying to crush farmers like me who are opposed to CSG mining and determined to protect our water resources.

New laws proposed by the NSW Government this week could mean a possible 7 year jail term for farmers like me if we tried to stop CSG drilling rigs from coming on to our properties.

They’re cracking down on us while letting CSG miners get off scot free - CSG companies will only be fined $5,000 if they breach their authorities.



Dear Premier Baird,

I support the farmers of North West NSW that are fighting to protect their water from dangerous CSG.

Instead of making laws to jail farmers who oppose CSG, make a law to protect the Pilliga and our precious Great Artesian Basin water resources from coal seam gas!

Will you sign?

15,000 signatures