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Emissions from potential gas development, Queensland Lake Eyre Basin

This report calculates the likely carbon emissions of two gas development scenarios in Queensland’s Lake Eyre Basin. Emissions for a low export gas scenario (400PJ/year) and a high export gas scenario (2,000PJ/year) have been calculated using the most recent edition of the Australian government’s guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions, published by the Department of Environment and Energy.

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The results are assessed against the Queensland Government’s emissions reduction targets to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and a 2030 target of 133Mt CO2-e, some 31 Mt/year below the 2019 figure.

The results are truly startling. They demonstrate that unconventional gasdevelopment in the Lake Eyre Basin would be totally incompatible with Queensland’s stated 2030 emissions reduction target.

Read and download the full report

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Unconventional Gas in the Lake Eyre Basin

October 03, 2022

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