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Every mine matters: communities fighting coal and gas must be heard in light of IPCC report

Federal and state governments must urgently act on the critical warnings contained in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report while coming to the aid of communities across the nation who are bravely fighting coal and gas exploitation.

The report shows the climate crisis is accelerating much more quickly towards a point of no return than previously thought, and the UN's chief has urged an immediate end to coal energy and other high-polluting fossil fuels.

Lock the Gate Alliance argues this means it is now more crucial than ever before that Australian governments heed the calls of communities across the nation who are fighting coal and gas project expansions and new developments.

The IPCC's report also comes two months after the Federal Court found the Federal Environment Minister owes a duty of care to Australian children to consider the harm catastrophic climate change will inflict upon them when deciding whether new coal projects should proceed. 

Lock the Gate Alliance National Coordinator Naomi Hogan said the Morrison Government, and the majority of state and territory governments, needed to urgently reverse their approach to fossil fuels.

“As ordinary Australians have suffered the intensifying impacts of climate change over recent years, our own governments have perversely approved and helped fund a slew of coal and gas projects. These approvals have locked in millions more tonnes of pollution and will cause more disruption and distress for Australians,” she said.

“The Morrison Government’s heavily-criticised attempts to exploit five new gas basins in iconic locations like the Kimberley and outback Northern Territory is not only fiercely opposed by local communities, but flies in the face of the urgent need to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“Using marginal concepts like carbon capture and storage as the band aid solution to the climate crisis is not going to work. The very least the Morrison Government could do is to stop handing out public subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.”

Lock The Gate Alliance NSW coordinator Georgina Woods said, “Communities at the front line of coal and gas developments around Australia have been performing a national service in their fierce determination to stop this country locking itself deeper into climate disruption.

“But Australian communities should not have to have this fight in the first place.

“A sustainable economy is within our reach, with a greater focus on agriculture, renewable energy and manufacturing, care for landscapes and communities, and readiness for the locked-in impacts of climate change. 

“In the light of all we now know, Australia needs to radically change the way it does business with fossil fuel companies. To ignore the science contained in the Sixth Assessment Report would be criminal.”


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