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Fast-track for Santos' gas pipeline betrays communities, exposes Perrottet Government’s climate hypocrisy

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s announcement he will attempt to fast-track the Narrabri Gas Project exposes his hypocrisy on climate action and is another kick in the guts for local communities.

Mr Perrottet says he will designate a Santos gas pipeline “Critical State Significant Infrastructure”, meaning it will bypass Independent Planning Commission assessment.

The lateral pipeline would theoretically carry gas from Santos' planned 850 gaswell project in the Pilliga Forest to the still to be assessed Hunter Gas Pipeline, which would stretch from near Narrabri to Newcastle.

Lock the Gate Alliance national coordinator Carmel Flint said, “Premier Perrottet is on a tear to prop up fossil fuel companies and fast-track global warming with his move today.

“This decision and the push to ram through the Narrabri Gas Project makes a complete mockery of the climate credentials the Premier and his Treasurer Matt Kean have worked so hard to burnish.

“This coal seam gas project will blow NSW’s greenhouse gas reduction targets and keep NSW at the whim of profiteering gas companies who have been fleecing Aussies with exorbitant prices.

“It will put the government and Santos on a collision course with locals, including Traditional Owners and farmers, who have fiercely opposed both the gasfield in the Pilliga Forest and high pressure gas pipelines which threaten land, water, and culture.

“The answer for NSW is very clear – to electrify industry and households and get off gas as soon as possible. Backing toxic gas projects with no community support will just make things worse,” she said.

Yesterday, farmers along the Hunter Gas Pipeline route presented a petition with more than 200 signatures of landholders demanding Energy Minister Matt Kean reject an Authority to Survey for the HGP.


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