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Media Release: Graham Turner Joins Forces with Lock the Gate Alliance To Stop Proposed Coal Mine

Flight Centre founder Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner has joined forces with Lock The Gate Alliance to protect farmland west of Ipswich, Queensland, from being destroyed by open-cut coal mining.

Mr Turner is determined to protect the area around Ebenezer and Bremer Views from becoming an open-cut coal mine. 

Mr Turner has a personal interest in the region because his Spicers Hidden Vale resort at Grandchester  is located near the proposed coal mine.

"This is a beautiful area,” he said. “The area supports agricultural and tourism industries and provides habitat for Australia's iconic koala which are now recognised as a threatened species. It's inappropriate to have an open cut coal mine in this area. 

"Lock the Gate Alliance has been a powerful tool for other communities throughout Australia and I feel that it can be as powerful in this area to prevent the development of the OGL open-cut coal mine.”

Lock the Gate Alliance, working in collaboration with local community groups, has been successful in preventing coal and coal seam gas activities in many communities including in the Scenic Rim and Felton Valley. The aims of Lock the Gate are to:

1.     To protect Australia’s water systems.

2.     To protect Australia’s agricultural land for food and fibre production.

3.     To protect Australia’s bushlands, wetlands and wildlife.

4.     To protect the health of all Australians.

5.     To protect Australia’s Aboriginal and cultural heritage

Lock the Gate is the fastest growing social movement Australia has ever seen. "Communities throughout Australia are recognising that we need to protect this wonderful country and that our current political system is working in favour of the coal and gas industry," said Cassie McMahon, spokesperson for Lock the Gate Alliance South East Queensland. 

"It's great to join forces with Graham to prevent the OGL coal mine from commencing."

From midday on Saturday, January 19, 2013, Lock the Gate Alliance in collaboration with other community groups is holding a Community Engagement event at the Rosewood Uniting Church, 21 John Street, Rosewood. It will provide training in new tools that can be used by communities to defend their land from inappropriate coal and gas mining. Graham Turner will be attending.

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