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Great news for Gloucester as Rocky Hill mine rejected

A peaceful rural community in NSW is safe from the disruptive might of the coal mining industry following a landmark land and environment court decision today, with the implications of the legal precedent for other coal mines significant.

Lock the Gate congratulated the efforts of Groundswell Gloucester, the Environmental Defenders Office of NSW, and all involved in stopping the utterly inappropriate Rocky Hill coal mine.

Lock the Gate spokesperson Georgina Woods said it was clear from day one that the coal mine was a terrible proposal.

“It was clearly never appropriate for the region - it was proposed the mine would be on the doorstep of Gloucester, close to homes,” she said.

“This is such a delightful rural area and tourism getaway - the last thing this region needs is another coal mine, right next to town.

“This is also a significant judgement because the Court found that the increase in greenhouse gas emissions from the mine provided additional grounds for its refusal. At a time when the world is warming at a terrifying rate, this judgement marks a turning point for NSW’s consideration of new mines.

“Other new coal mine projects, like the incredibly destructive Bylong coal mine, should now have this additional test applied.

“Lock the Gate is calling on the Independent Planning Commission to immediately commission an independent review of the climate change implications of the Bylong coal mine.

“As a large, greenfields thermal coal mine which will make a major contribution to global warming, the consequences of this legal decision should trigger a major reconsideration of the Bylong project.”


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