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Greg and Joanne


Voices for the Gaslands: Greg and Joanne's story

Greg and Joanne Vine spent nearly two years fighting plans by gas giant Santos to lay a second gas pipeline on their property near Wallumbilla in Queensland.

The couple wanted proof that a trencher and other vehicles brought onto their land by the gas company would be weed free.

“The trencher would have dug through about 20 other properties before it got to our property,” Joanne said.

“We had been made aware that this trencher had worked in a parthenium area so we were concerned about seed, especially parthenium seed coming through onto our property and any other weed.”

The Vines were also concerned that soil brought onto their property by an unwashed trencher could contaminate their land with the toxic chemical Dieldrin, once used commonly in the area.

All they wanted was properly verified wash down certificates that included vehicle registrations, times and dates so that they had proof that proper protocols had been followed.

When the company failed to provide sufficient documentation the Vines locked their gates.

In response the company accused Joanne of obstruction and threatened to have her arrested on her own property.

The company cut through the locked gates and moved the offending vehicles onto the couple’s land. The pipeline was dug and the trencher moved onto the next easement.

The Vines have been left devastated by their extended battle with the gas giant. The lack of respect paid to their need to protect their land has shattered their peace to the extent they can no longer enjoy their once loved property and have put it up for sale.

“We have trouble sleeping at night. You just wake up and you are just stewing about it,” Greg said.