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Halt on gas fracking a vital first step in listening to Territorians

NT Labor Leader Michael Gunner's announcement on a fracking moratorium in the Northern Territory has support from people across the Territory, who have come out today backing the policy.

However, communities are asking for more details on Mr Gunner’s plan and want to know if it will include identifying parts of the Territory to be permanently protected. Frack rigs are due to roll into the Territory later this year.

"It's great to see politicians actually listening to what the people of the Territory and Australia want, so we want to thank Mr Gunner for his announcement yesterday," said Ilona Kanaris from Parap in Michael Gunner's Darwin electorate.
"However, we think it is important that Mr Gunner now makes it clear how long the halt on fracking will last. 
"I want the halt on fracking to last for a lifetime. At the very least, we need a 5 year pause to learn from the disasters that have occurred other parts parts of Australia and the world where this fracking industry has got a foothold," she said. 

 Gadrian Hoosan, a Gulf region Traditional Owner from the Gurawa Land Trust whose land is already being targeted by shale gas exploration drilling, said, "It's good to see that Labor is shifting to provide real opposition to the to the Government's fracking plans.

"We're facing an urgent threat with frack rigs planning to roll into our Gulf Country in the coming months.
"We are pledging to continue our fight until we get a permanent ban and real protection for our country, water and communities from the damage that fracking promises," he said.
Naomi Hogan of the Lock the Gate Alliance in the Northern Territory said, "Community members and scientists the world over are showing that fracking causes earthquakes, water contamination and sick families.

"NT Labor and Mr Gunner have taken a very important first step, and they now have the opportunity to step up, listen to Territorians and the scientific community to put in place a five-year moratorium on fracking," she said.

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