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  • commented on New Planning law changes to make NSW mine approvals faster with no new protections for community or environment 2017-01-09 21:49:38 +1100
    The Baird (read Bad) Government is proving to be a bigger challenge to our environment and well-being than even climate change – they’re just ensuring future generations will suffer the worst effects without protection for our land and water. The most disgusting aspects are enacting legislation to stop community input and the right of appeal by those affected by mining and “development” plans.
  • signed Mine Rehab Petition 2017-04-05 21:44:36 +1000

    Make Coal Giants Pay for Mine Clean-Up

    Our new report – Abandoned Mines in Queensland: Toxic Time-bomb or Employment Opportunity? – calls for big mining companies to cover the cost of rehabilitating the State’s abandoned mines and estimates that this would generate 6000 jobs in regional Queensland!

    There are too many large abandoned mines, and the full cost of cleaning them up is too large and should not fall on taxpayers. If mines are levied to pay for the clean up, they can also create jobs in the process.

    Why should we miss out on hundreds of schools and hospitals because we’re footing the bill for the mess left behind by irresponsible mining companies?



    9,424 signatures

    We call on the NSW and Queensland Premiers to strengthen weak mining laws and force companies to honour their obligations to rehabilitate their mines. The following needs to be done:

    1. Increase the required deposit to cover rehabilitation costs
    2. Require all future mines to backfill their mining pits and protect water resources
    3. Establish an independent authority to monitor and enforce mine rehabilitation
    4. Penalise companies who breach rehabilitation requirements.

    Together we can ensure that the mining industry is held to account and that our land and water resources are protected against abandoned mines.

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  • signed up on Join 2016-03-30 17:11:16 +1100

    Join the Movement

    Will you join potato farmers in north west New South Wales, foodies in Brisbane, dairy farmers in Gippsland, Traditional Owners in the Gulf, wheat farmers in WA's breadbowl, cattlemen from the Territory, surfers from Sydney and even coal miners from the Hunter Valley in being part of the extraordinary movement to protect Australia's wide brown beauty, rich farmland, ancient culture and unique wildlife from damage by unconventional gas and coal mining?

    Whoever you are, there's a place for you. Please join us!

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  • commented on Object to the proposed Bylong Coal Project 2015-10-23 22:39:11 +1100
    I can’t believe how frightening the Coalition Govt has and is being destructive towards anything regarding the environment. This is another onslaught in an era when the effects of climate change are so well documented. And as for the Bylong community, who has to fight such threats with one hand tied behind its back, it is unforgivable on the part of a government which seems to only consider mines and “development” proposals as the way forward for this State. In a world where the population is exploding, this country wants to destroy its land, water and future. Shame.


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