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If the LNP has nothing to hide Jeff Seeney should welcome the Senate Inquiry

Lock the Gate Alliance’s National President, Drew Hutton welcomes the Senate Inquiry, urgently needed to restore democracy to Queensland.

“Jeff Seeney claimed on ABC radio this morning that the LNP has ‘nothing to hide’ so he and the party should also welcome the inquiry,” Mr Hutton said.

“Mr Seeney claims to have the state back on track but this government is basically run by mining companies and Queenslanders’ democratic rights have been trashed.”

“The LNP has just snuck through amendments in the dead of night to take away Queenslanders rights to object to mining proposals. This is one of the most underhand and undemocratic moves the Queensland parliament has ever witnessed.

“It provides open slather to Indian coal billionaire Gautam Adani to develop the Galilee Basin into one of the largest coal precincts in the world and will further threaten the Great Barrier Reef. Mining barons everywhere will be sipping champagne but it’s a huge blow to democracy in Queensland.”

“The LNP’s Bill in its early stages already removed people’s right to object in 90 per cent of cases of proposals involving large mines. The amendments snuck through around midnight removed the right to object for most of the other 10 per cent of cases involving large mines. This is totally unfair and undemocratic.”

The Lock the Gate Alliance has launched the “People’s Bill” to counter the outrageous behavior of the Newman government and bring back the Upper House. The Bill is part of a campaign to restore common rights to Queenslanders that have been eroded by the mining industry and its political backers.

“Queenslanders want to end the corruption and cronyism of mining and politics that dog this state, robbing us of democracy and putting our food, land, water and lifestyles at risk.

“We will have a public debate of the Bill at State Parliament on October 28.”

See here for details of People's Bill and watch the 3 minute video here:

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