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John Fenton Tour QLD Brisbane

Come and hear directly from US rancher John Fenton, as he talks about how fracking for unconventional gas polluted water and ruined lives in Pavillion, Wyoming.

He'll have the latest on new research released just last week by Stanford University which has confirmed that oil and gas activities have contaminated water in the area, and which has exposed a 10 year cover-up by the authorities.

‘Once you have fracking move in on agricultural land, it’s never the same’ John Fenton, 2014.

You'll also hear from Dr Bob Morrish, about the risks to our very own Channel Country rivers in south-western Qld from unconventional gas fracking. These rivers feed Kati-Thanda - Lake Eyre - the living heart of Australia. It’s one of the last intact river systems on Earth.

As Dr Morrish says 'It’s much too important to frack for shale gas.’

Please come and hear from John Fenton and Dr Morrish on this important national tour.

April 13, 2016
7pm - 9pm
QLD Multicultural Centre
102 Main St
Brisbane, QLD 4169
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Will you come?