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John Fenton, farmer from Wyoming, talks on fracking

In April 2016, John Fenton, a farmer from Wyoming toured Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, on a speaking tour for Lock The Gate, to reveal the truth about the terrible impacts that families suffer when they are forced to live in a gasfield.  

It's a truly amazing presentation from Wyoming cattle rancher John Fenton, which he gave during his recent tour in Brisbane on 13 April 2016. Please LIKE and SHARE so more people can understand this vital issue.

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  • Michael Smith
    commented 2016-05-21 09:36:54 +1000
    John Fenton,s very personal experience with fracking shows the real dangers involved.
    How can we let this industry operate anywhere in the world.? I agree that we must all
    voice our objection to this industry and the destruction that it leaves behind.