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John Fenton wows Gippsland audiences with harrowing stories from his life in a gasfield

John Fenton is a rancher from Wyoming, USA. He spent the last three weeks travelling the Eastern coast of Australia, talking to urban and rural groups about his life in a gasfield. More than 200 people came to his talk in Rosedale, Gippsland, while his presentation in Melbourne drew over 120 attendees, who listened with bated breath to each chilling revelation about the corrupt government response to his experiences.

His polite and charming manner is always easy and pleasant, even when describing the horrible impacts that chemical exposure has had on his close friends and neighbours. Leongatha farmer Ron Wangman was profoundly affected by what he heard, saying, “John’s a great man, a straight talker. He’s like us, he needs to keep his farm safe and his family safe, and he’s trying to help us do the same thing.”    

While in Australia John met over two thousand citizens who are concerned about invasive gasfield mining. The productivity of his farm has degraded significantly, the land is worthless and cannot be sold, and it is hard to get health insurance. A Federal investigation into his situation was cut short and has been replaced by a State investigation, which is largely funded by the company who profits from the destruction of his farm.

“John’s experience demonstrates exactly how intertwined government and the gas industry really are. It’s no different in Australia than in America.” said Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator Ursula Alquier

Seaspray farmer Trevor Flint was inspired by what he heard at Rosedale, and has promised “to keep Lakes Oil and Gina Rinehart away from our community and do what ever it takes to keep this destructive industry out of Victoria entirely”

For  further comment contact:

Ursula Alquier (Lock the Gate Victorian Coordinator)

[email protected] or 0499 991 324

Noah Beecher Kelk (Coal & Gasfield Free Campaigner) 

[email protected] or 0403 274 103

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