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  • commented on Berejiklian Government must show backbone and cancel Shenhua 2020-01-15 20:51:38 +1100
    AAARRRRGH! WHEN WILL OUR GOVERNMENT GET IT? Evolve, move forward into the future. Drop those coal shackles. Stop making rich people richer at the cost of Australia ! Invest in safe, cost effective, sustainable renewable energy !
  • signed Stop Origin Fracking the NT 2020-01-17 00:28:54 +1100

    Stop Origin Fracking the NT

    Origin Energy are lining up to frack the Northern Territory this year, and in the firing line are some magical places, including recharge zones of Mataranka Hot Springs.

    Traditional Owners have told us that Origin Energy has ignored their concerns about fracking and not properly laid out the risks involved.

    Fracking the NT would be a disaster for the landscape, communities and waterways. Plus it would unleash massive emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas, and fuel global warming.

    We need to build a powerful movement of people willing to spread the word and take on Origin at every level, from their head offices to their board rooms.

    6,317 signatures


    I will stand up and be a part of the massive people-powered movement to stop Origin Energy’s plans to frack the Territory.

    Sign the pledge here and help stop Origin.

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  • signed Protect Our Food and Water 2019-01-10 06:41:46 +1100

    Protect Our Food and Water

    Many regions of the country are now facing one of the worst droughts on record.

    Due to climate change we face more variable rainfall and more frequent, severe fires. Our agricultural productivity is under increasing pressure.

    But coal and gas mines are still targeting many of our best food growing areas and precious water supplies.

    1,611 signatures

    Call on our state and federal politicians to protect our vital food growing land and water supplies.

    (This petition will be delivered to MP’s around the country in the lead up to the next election. See full text below.)

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Domestic Goddess with full-time work in Health. Has 6 cats and neighbours are Not Happy, Jan. Cares for mother, who lives with me (full time job on it's own!). Very tame life (now, that is)>


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