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Help expose dodgy mining behaviour!

UPDATE: Arrow Energy is applying to drill 55 frack wells at their Hopeland lease next to the Linc Energy disaster site, and the risks are enormous.*

All around Australia, coal & gas companies are threatening precious farmland, ground water and sacred First Nations land. 

Here’s our QLD Coordinator Ellie Smith on 9 News after learning that toxic groundwater contamination has been spreading from Linc Energy’s disastrous underground coal gasification site on the Darling Downs.

Worse, this spread seems to have been covered up by the Qld Government.

Chip in today to support communities around Australia fighting against dodgy companies like this who are rorting the system.

With your donation we will:

  • Expose breaches of environmental laws and highlight them in the media, on social media and with responsible Ministers
  • Support local landholders fighting for transparency and proper regulation of coal and gas, through expert reports and Freedom of Information requests 
  • Create a legal fighting fund for legal advice on environmental breaches
  • Organise local events with landholders, informing them of their rights and how they can oppose the expansion of CSG in the area contaminated by Linc Energy

* Arrow Energy environmental authority amendment application (EA0001401) (A-EA-AMD-100138467), Department of Environment and Science QLD.


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