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Linc Energy in historic trial

Lock the Gate Alliance welcomes the trial by jury that has now commenced into Linc Energy, calling it a wake up call and a warning for the rest of Australia in the face of underground coal gasification proposals.

Linc Energy, in liquidation, faces five counts of wilfully and unlawfully causing serious environmental damage.

"This is huge. The Queensland Government will make Linc Energy face a trial by jury for nine weeks," said Vicki Perrin of the Lock the Gate Alliance.

"The Queensland Government described underground coal gasification at Hopeland as Queensland's biggest environmental disaster in history, and we've had a few.

"We're pleased that the State Government has finally stepped up for a gasfield affected community. While it offers no protection from industry for communities, this will send a strong message to gas companies that contamination of farmland and water is absolutely unacceptable."

"This Linc Energy disaster should be a serious warning to residents and the Government of South Australia.

"Underground Coal Gasification has been proven to be dangerous and polluting. South Australia should be keeping a very close eye on what is happening here.

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