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LNP’s 30-year plan lacks vision for QLD’s food, water and communities

The LNP’s 30-year plan shows the Premier does not acknowledge the devastation mining is causing throughout Queensland, says the Lock the Gate Alliance.

Lock the Gate’s president, Drew Hutton said the plan’s “vision” would continue to allow the destruction of much of the state’s precious farmland, water resources and communities, while mining companies reaped the financial profits.

“The LNP is allowing mining companies to destroy the lives and livelihoods of regional Queenslanders along with farmland and water sources that are their lifeblood,” he said.

“The plan should include sustainable energy because that is Queensland’s future, not its continued reliance on dirty fossils fuels.”     

The Queensland Plan Ambassadors Council includes two pro-mining representatives, one from the Queensland Resources Council and a former Mines and Energy Minister but nobody from the renewable sector.

“Queensland is the perfect state for renewables but Campbell Newman and his cronies refuse to consider them because his government is so closely linked to mining companies,” he said.

“Regional towns are closing down because of the impacts of mining companies riding rough-shod over communities.

“Campbell Newman will be long-gone enjoying his political pension while the rest of Queensland tries to pick up the pieces to survive.” 

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