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Baralaba community calls for immediate cancellation of coal project in light of research showing costs to communities

Following release of research showing net costs of hundreds of billions of dollars from coal mining in Central Queensland, Save the Dawson group has called for the immediate cancellation of the proposed Baralaba South coal mine.

Save the Dawson group member Paul Stephenson said: “We know the profits are sent to the CEO in America, who makes $70million a year, while the water is destroyed forever, prime agricultural land is destroyed forever, and the community suffers in perpetuity.

“Farmers know the truth. This land can feed people for thousands of years. Mining corporations destroy the land.” 

“This American company will walk away with the profits and leave us with a devastated landscape. There are no benefits to a deal leaving us with poisoned drinking water and destroyed agricultural land.

The local group has called for action from the Environment Minister, the local council, and the proponent company Liberty Mutual, to immediately cancel the project. 

The group pointed out the extremely sensitive and valuable nature of the proposed site of the Baralaba South mine. 

Brett Coombes, Save the Dawson Chairman said: “We are opposed to this project because it is proposed on prime agricultural land, on a floodplain, 500 metres from the Dawson River.

“If this mine proceeds it would destroy thousands of hectares of strategic cropping land permanently, would contaminate and deplete our town drinking water supplies for Baralaba and for Woorabinda Aboriginal community, and would leave a toxic final void on the floodplain in perpetuity.

“Our laws should reflect the long-term value of communities, of prime agricultural land and water. These are the long-term assets required for a future for rural Australia. They should be protected for all of our communities into the future.

“The Regional Planning Interests Act needs urgent reform to reflect this now.” 

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