Lock the Gate Pamphlets


Lock the Gate Pamphlet: This pamphlet gives and overview of the Lock the gate movement and outlines the issues surrounding inappropriate coal and gas mining in Australia.

Call to Country Pamphlet: This is our call to country- launched in March 2013 and outlines the threats to our country from coal and unconventional gas mining and the actions we are calling on our federal government to take to protect our land, water and communities.

Shale & Tight Gas Pamphlet (WA): This pamphlet outlines some of the impacts of fracking gasfields and the regions under threat in Western Australia.

Shale & Tight Gas Pamphlet (NT): Similar information to the WA pamphlet but with a focus on the specific regionas and valuse under threats in the Northern Territory.

Food, Water, Life Booklet: This colourful 8 page booklet is a useful resource to introduce people to the Lock the Gate movement and the issues we are concerned about. Feel free to share widely or download and print for use at stalls and information gatherings.


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